Show Highlights – Week of May 4, 2020

Show Highlights – Week of May 4, 2020











Highlights from this past week on ACWT:

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Top News & My Commentary:
Freedom and justice scored two great victories in America this week!
In Washington, the DOJ moved to dismiss all charges against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. They really had no choice after documents finally released showed DOJ/FBI officials at the highest levels were orchestrating how to frame him.
Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell deserves enormous credit.
And in Dallas, victory because the Texas Supreme Court ordered the release of jailed hair salon owner Shelley Luther who engaged in civil disobedience by refusing to shut down her business during this crisis.
More on both next week, including what civil disobedience means, but here in just the first 8 minutes of Thursday’s show, is a recap.
The coronavirus is a healthcare issue, but America’s response to it is a political and policy issue. The Left in America is exploiting this crisis in order to collectivize power in Washington, destroy individual liberty, weaken the self-reliant spirit of the American people, and torpedo the American economy in order to defeat President Trump this fall.
It’s time to get mad.
Project Veritas revealed via undercover videos the mission to pad the numbers of deaths in this coronavirus crisis, by falsely attributing deaths to this virus. Emergency workers, funeral service workers, and family members tell the truth. THE important question is “why”?
The DemocratMediaMob is trying to squeeze President Trump into a coronavirus no-way-out Catch 22 so that no matter what direction he chooses to move America forward in this crisis, he’ll be not only wrong but guilty of endangering the American people. The ONLY way they get away with this is if Americans buy into their plot.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis led his state brilliantly through their response to coronavirus, rejecting a one-size-fits-all approach, and very importantly, exposing how breathtakingly wrong, false, and exaggerated the “expert models” were at predicting infection and death rates.
No blue-state bailout!! Here is why.
Masks and social-distancing are fruits of the poisonous (and false) models that drove America to our disastrous shutdown. We now know that America launched its destructive coronavirus shutdown policy based on  false and exaggerated coronavirus models, so we should now be free to reject the mask and distance protocols that were based on those false models.
A majority of Americans says that it is too soon to reopen our country. What difference does it make what other Americans with no relevant expertise think about your right to live in freedom?
Patience wearing thin and suspicion growing about the reality that Senator Lindsay Graham has been an “all-hat-no-cattle” non-leader in the Senate’s supposed determination to get to the bottom of what happened in the FBI/DOJ during the time they were cooking up the Trump-Russia collusion hoax.
John Guandolo, president and founder of Understanding the Threat, presented a compelling case about Communist China’s responsibility and perhaps intentional role in the deadly release of the coronavirus, the exploitation of the virus by Leftists in America today, and the penetration of communists and Marxists in America’s government.
Conservative leader and Congressman Chip Roy (TX CD 21) joined me to talk about the human misery caused by the extended coronavirus shutdown, and his Let America Open initiative.
Dr. Everett Piper, author of “Not a Daycare,” and past President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, talked about the crushing of individual liberty that has become part of our nation’s response to the coronavirus crisis, and what’s wrong with the  justification of that deprivation of rights offered by some based on a contortion of the scriptures.
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