Why It Matters – The January 26th Show

Why It Matters – The January 26th Show

Can Faith Be a Crime?


  • Finnish Lutheran pastor affirms Bible teaching that marriage = 1 man + 1 woman

…’violates the equality and dignity’ of LGBT community

  • Canada bans ‘conversion therapy’, including parents voicing opinions to their children

because the Bible is a myth

  • England street pastor arrested for ‘crime’ of saying marriage = 1 man + 1 woman

The ONLY reason this isn’t happening—so far—in USA is because of the 1st Amendment

Americans are being made to care about these questions:

  • Why is Christianity the only religion singled out in America for ridicule?
  • Why isn’t secularism–with its doctrines, rules, requirements of belief–considered a religion?
  • Who has the authority to determine which religion is a myth?
  • Who granted this authority?


Canadian Trucker Update


Canadian trucker convoy spans the country, protesting vaccine mandates

  • …but Trudeau govt doubles down…even Canadian ‘conservatives’ won’t support truckers

NYC demands vaccine passports to eat at a restaurant; while South Carolina proposes legal ban on even asking about vaccination status (blessings of US federalism)

Trudeau and other ‘mandators’ have ZERO science to back mandates

…covid recovery rates and vaccine adverse effects and documented ineffectiveness of vaccines all say NO to mandates…mandators are relying on an enduring pandemic of fear to force compliance

People around the world, in every country, are way out in front of their ruling classes…they represent ‘informed resistance’ and are no longer sheep…not likely to capitulate quietly


Election Update


  • Sidney Powell subpoenaed to Jan. 6th Comm:

Do they really want to hear what she has to say?

  • Massive election fraud lawsuit filed in Delaware County, PA
  • Wisconsin has NOT formally voted to decertify 2020 electors, but steps are being taken toward that end, and are based on documented evidence of MASSIVE election fraud
  • RINOs in Wisconsin claim to have hands tied, but the people are outraged by the fraud

Sooner or later, courts and the general public are going to be forced to examine the evidence

The ‘Fix2020’ movement is not going away