Why It Matters – The June 21st Show

Why It Matters – The June 21st Show

SCOTUS Religious Freedom & More


SCOTUS rulings for the past court session are coming out…(Dobbs still not released)

6-3 decision says denial of school vouchers for religious schools is UNCONSTITUTIONAL

  • Secularists argue that vouchers allowed for religious schools violates ‘establishment’ clause
  • SCOTUS says denial of vouchers for religious schools violates ‘free exercise’ clause

Underneath the legalese…this is a helpful turn in support of religious freedom

  • Too many exercises of religious faith were struck down as state action ‘establishing’ religion
  • “Establishment” clause was meant to prohibit official state-mandated religion (such as UK’s Anglican Church); it was not supposed to be used to stop multi-denominational free exercise

SCOTUS seems headed in a pro-religion direction more consistent with Founders’ intent

This is a positive development for America


Media Mob Mauls Truth-Tellers


Frenzy-level attained at mainstream mob media–

Wearing out the words ‘debunked’ ‘discredited’ ‘baseless’ to apply to truth-tellers

But it is NOT working

  • Repeating these words is not an argument; it is a quasi-hypnotic demand to shut up
  • Amassed evidence of election fraud is NOT being refuted by facts

Truth tellers are winning

  • Election Fraud – Dr. Douglas Frank, Capt. Seth Keshel, David Clements, Lady Draza
  • Covid/vaccine fraud – Drs. Simone Gold, Peter McCullough, Ryan Cole, Robert Malone

Also Dr. Naomi Wolf and former Blackrock money manager Edward Dowd

  • Hunter Biden fraud – Garrett Ziegler/Marcopolousa.org

Truth is outing itself faster than the Deep State/media mob is able to contain it


Conflating TDS with Election Truth: Noonan & Coulter


Peggy Noonan and Ann Coulter – Pundit stars of the past have become pathetic shells

  • Stunning examples of intellect and talent distorted and perverted by Trump Derangement Syndrome

Evidence/proof of massive 2020 election fraud exists, is overwhelming and is growing

  • See: Douglas Frank, Capt. Seth Keshel, David Clements, Lady Draza

Passionate hatred of all things Trump has made these women unable to grasp facts and truth

  • Probative value of the election fraud evidence stands on its own, completely independent of the personalities of Donald Trump or Joe Biden
  • Corrupted election systems are fatal to the America they claim to love and serve

Humility and Intellectual Honesty among American thought-leaders

is critical to American restoration


Should Trump Run in ’24?


Strong pro’s and con’s to a Trump run in 2024…felt even among patriots

But before getting to 2024, the looming, growing elephant in the room throughout America:

What must be done about the stolen election of 2020?

  • Common law principle: fraud vitiates everything  (‘vitiates’ = invalidates)
  • Common sense principle: stolen diamonds must be returned

Incumbent politicians of both parties trying to ignore the elephant in the room, but

…’We the people’ are restless and increasingly impatient

…Americans know the situation is ‘unprecedented’ but they are watching the destruction of their country as the direct result of a fraudulent election…they want the destruction to stop…and if it means overturning a fraudulent election—just do it