Why It Matters – The September 13th Show

Why It Matters – The September 13th Show

Oberlin & BYU: Truth & Tenacity WIN


Oberlin College paying Gibson’s Bakery $36 Million, for defaming their owners and workers, by falsely calling them racist. Oberlin students caught shoplifting, and the school chose to pursue a path of accusing the bakery of racism for profiling the students.  Oberlin chose to function on and push a narrative regardless of reality and facts.


BYU now appears , after an investigation, to be standing by its students after a Duke female volleyball player claimed someone in the stands used a racial slur toward her during a game. One report claimed no racial slurs were discovered in the review of the game tape, and no evidence emerged that the BYU student blamed by Duke said anything inappropriate.


The Left’s relentless painting of America as systemically racist is political, intended to divide, and has deeply harmed American society, distorting the thinking of millions of Americans.


Real racism is evil, and the overwhelming majority of Americans deplore it.


What Should Patriots Fight for in 2024


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National Conservatism’s Ideas Are Winning, But We Need A Plan To Carry Them Out

At the Federalist.com


Newt Gingrich’s thinking, and Kevin McCarthy’s plan, and Senator Scott’s

Plan, are all circling around real issues that matter.


BUT to ever win back America and the future of freedom, the two most important ideas are: (1) admitting and fixing the election fraud issue, and

(2) Reminding Americans what America is, how unique and extraordinary and great it is, and call out the reality that today’s ruling class in DC has let it slip away.