Why It Matters – The September 28th Show

Why It Matters – The September 28th Show

Supreme Court Barrett Battle


Feinstein/left-wing assault on Judge Amy Coney Barrett focused on Catholic faith as too dogmatic

“Dogma lives loudly in you”


What is ‘dogma’?

“….a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true”


America’s ‘birth certificate’—the Declaration of Independence—lays down American dogma

Self-evident truths”:  all men (and women) created equal by God

All endowed at birth with inalienable rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness


Barrett’s Catholic faith is aligned and consistent with American dogma; to claim it is a disqualifier is ridiculous; and Barrett’s bipartisan legal colleagues uniformly confirm:  she’s qualified


Leftism is ‘dogma’ – no God but government; separation of church and state; abortion on demand

                                    Americans want fidelity to American dogma at SCOTUS

                Barrett confirmation is a no-brainer and will be popular with Americans


Trump Taxes and NYT


  • Tax returns illegally released and wrongfully published to create hit piece on Trump
  • From (1) Russian collusion leaks and fabrications, to (2) an impeachment scam that reeked of Biden’s corruption and venality, to (3)pandemic fear-mongering to sustain lockdowns, to (4) made-up stories about putdowns of American soldiers at a French cemetery, there is no law the MSM/Deep State will not break, and no lie the MSM/Deep State will not tell, to remove the threat to their power represented by the re-election of President Trump

This is the story Americans see, no matter how NYT and others spin it



  • No evidence of any illegality on the part of Trump & No connection to “Russia”


This hit piece ONLY hurt MSM & NYT –

Trump Voters See Right Through the NYT