1st Amendment Praetorian – Pulling No Punches on the ‘Scamdemic’

1st Amendment Praetorian – Pulling No Punches on the ‘Scamdemic’

Not sure who posts under the name “1st Amendment Praetorian” and we prefer Telegram channels that leave no doubt about the identity of the poster.  Nevertheless, as a way of taking the measure of ‘restlessness’ that is ‘out there’ relating to the official handling of the pandemic, this strikes us as authentic–i.e., not the construct of a bot.  If so, the official pandemic narrative is crumbling, and the level of public restlessness is rising, at a very rapid pace.


The Library, [1/20/2022 2:42 AM]
[Forwarded from 1st Amendment Praetorian]
There’s going to come a time by soon when the communists realize that their takeover via scamdemic didn’t work.

They will try to blame it on faulty numbers, bad info, anything but the truth.

But never forget: The initial projections from the Kings College London were exponentially wrong from the get go.

The guy who is responsible for the projections used to justify lockdowns believed his own projections so little that he broke the lockdown he created to meet a married woman for a tryst.

Yet the powers that be, the elites, our brave and intellectual “betters” continued using the same shop guilty of projections that were horrendously wrong over and over and over again.

They blacklisted, censored and ridiculed some of the world’s leading minds in epidemiology, evolutionary biology, front line doctors and pathologists.

All in favor of taking their cues from a lifelong bureaucrat who hasn’t seen a patient in decades – certainly no coof patients – and who has a decades-long history of fucking things up on a grande scale (and torturing orphans & puppies).

When it came time to investigate the Level 4 Biofacilty that JUST HAPPENED to be in the same city as the virus outbreak, said bureaucrat used his control of all research funding to strong-arm any dissenting scientist into following his narrative that it had to be natural – despite all evidence pointing to the contrary, and evidenced by FOIA emails tha showed even his inner circle knew it was a lab leak.

To appease the “conspiracy theorists,” he appointed a team to “investigate” who all had massive conflicts of interest, as they had responsibility for funding, building and running the gain of function expiraments that led to the coof.

Said bureaucrat went on every friendly media network that works have him, constantly, and received nothing but Pfizer-sponsored softball questions.

Social media used computer nerds in Silicon Valley to censor, blacklist and de-person esteemed scientists trying to sound the alarm – because their software engineering courses apparently taught them more about medicine & evolutionary biology than 12 years of school + 20 years of research at the world’s pre-eminent research centers.

So when these pieces of human excrement attempt to say, “we were just doing what the experts told us,” never forget that everything. Every single thing. Every:
-increased drug overdose
-loss of a job due to lockdowns
-impediment to development for children who’ve never seen a face
-road rage incident bc people were stretched to the limit
-innocent murdered by repeat violent offender who was let out because of “the coof”
-loss of US trust around the world for leading these shenanigans.
-broken family over disagreements over masks or shots
-vaxx injury
-lost job due to mandates
-lost business due to lockdowns

And so much more.

Never forget that it was all built on a house of lies and they persecuted anyone telling the truth or calling attention to the data with everything they had.

These people deserve nothing but Old Testament-style fury of God and man alike.