Speaking Endorsements

Ginny Chambers

President, Southwest Republican Women – Durango, Colorado

“Debbie Georgatos recently spoke to the Southwest Republican Women of Colorado at my invitation. Her speech was exceptionally invigorating, inspiring, empowering and uplifting. We left her talk understanding more substance about America’s political situation, more about the roots of America’s greatness, and more about how so stand up and speak up for America in our daily lives. We have many speakers, but Debbie’s stands out as one best we have had. I have already invited her to come back to speak to our group next year. I wholeheartedly recommend her, not just for Republican or conservative groups, but for any group looking for someone to energize people about the goodness and greatness of America.”

Dr. W. Michael Cox

Director, O’Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom, Southern Methodist University
Senior Fellow, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Debora Georgatos served as a Guest Lecturer in March 2013 for my Women’s Economics and Finance Series class at Southern Methodist University (SMU). I invited Debbie to lecture after hearing her speak at a kick-off event surrounding her book, Ladies, Can We Talk? America Needs Our Vote! I extend only one or two invitations for guest lecturers during each school year; Debbie was an outstanding choice. Her presentation centered on the premise that conservative economic solutions to America’s challenges are better for women, and for everyone. She engaged this class of savvy adult women using a combination of stories, policy arguments, and facts and figures that made her point that economic issues, including taxing and spending policies, have moral and ethical dimensions, and are tied to liberty. Debbie also managed to keep this politically charged subject non-partisan. The Q&A after her lecture was lengthy and lively, and brought out across-the-political-spectrum reactions within this diverse class. I’m confident that American women throughout the country would love to hear Debbie’s plain-English presentation of simple and very important economic principles. Through voting, political activism, and daily conversation we can shape our nation’s future in a positive way, and the message Debbie Georgatos brings is critical to that mission.

Sharla Dyer

Southwest Republican Women – Durango, Colorado

“Debbie Georgatos’ Politically Speaking workshops are spectacular! Debbie spoke to our Republican club in Durango last week, and her talk was fast-paced, high-energy and full of passion for America. She explained in a logical and compelling way the very consequential challenges America is facing, and how important it is to stand up and speak up for America’s core liberty. After the talk Debbie offered one of her Politically Speaking workshops. It was an interactive opportunity to talk about how to speak up in a constructive way and engage in political conversation even with those we may not agree with. The workshop was practical and fun, and I left feeling confident that I could speak up more in defense of America’s goodness, and of conservative ideas. I love her theme “Engage without Rage.” I wholeheartedly recommend Debbie’s speaking and workshops.”

Susan Laue

VP, Programs – Republican Women of Brazos Valley

“We recently invited Debbie Georgatos to speak to the Republican Women of Brazos Valley. She is one of the few speakers I have invited back two years in a row, because our members find her so inspiring, informative and energizing. Debbie’s talks are a great mix of patriotic passion, logical arguments, memorable anecdotes, and data that all add up to make a persuasive case for the importance of conservative/Republican ideas. We leave her talks inspired to believe we can do more to stand up for America, every day.”
``Great discussion``
``Knocked it out of the park! This has been a shot in the arm.``
“We need more people like you.”
“What an eye-opening, encouraging presentation you gave! Great ideas for the reclaiming of America.”
“Women can, must and will lead our country back to its senses.”
“Thank you for shining the light on the path, Debbie.”