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About The Speaker

Debbie Georgatos is the host of the America, Can We Talk? radio show, and a podcaster, political analyst, campaign consultant, former litigation lawyer, and author. Her mission is to speak up for the unique greatness of America, and to inspire everyone to more deeply appreciate that preserving that greatness requires vigilance in every generation. Debbie speaks and writes about the issues that will shape America’s future, and about the many challenges facing America today, from race relations to border security, and from free markets to national defense, and many other topics.


Her first book, Ladies, Can We Talk? America Needs Our Vote! speaks to women, encouraging them to embrace and value our constitutional rights and freedoms, and to vote to preserve the American-style liberty on which our country was founded.  She connects the dots between the “big government will take care of everything” politics, and the crushing of individual opportunity, incentive, achievement, and ultimately, happiness.


Debbie brings to America’s political dialogue a unique mix of lawyerly logic, patriotic passion, and a friendly and personal tone.  She encourages all Americans to take part in the American political conversation and the respectful exchange of ideas. She enjoys speaking to groups of all ages and backgrounds.


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