Why It Matters – The June 30th Show

Why It Matters – The June 30th Show

NYT Panic: Black Voters Reject Leftism


  • NYT stereotyping of minorities as natural socialists, reliably against traditional American patriot values

turned on its head in NYC mayoral primary

  • Pro-police black Democrat Eric Adams won a plurality of votes in the mayoral primary

AOC-endorsed SJW/DeBlasio counsel Maya Wiley expected to win but finished far behind Adams

Apparently black and other minority voters REJECTED the woke progressive agenda

Nothing more central to leftist vision for electoral dominance than minorities = progressives

But this has always run counter to common sense/common humanity:

Law and order matters to everyone


Entitlement Expansion = Building Marxist Collective


  • Biden “American Families Plan” would add $1T (that’s $1 trillion) to deficit…

…would result in more than 50% of US households on government dole

  • This is how a passive, dependent class of American citizens—and American society—is created
  • This is how the spirit of individual freedom is eroded beyond repair
  • The leftist agenda, and its contrast and conflict with America’s founding ideals,


The good news:  Americans are waking up across the board…

…and REJECTING the leftist agenda, in its entirety


Leftists Relentless Pursuit of Trump


  • NY AG pursuing investigation of Trump Organization

So far indicating no criminal charges to be pursued v. Trump personally

Focus on over-generous benefit payments to executives (not Trump family)…really?

               Proof of the truth that “a good prosecutor could indict a ham sandwich”

  • American law enforcement in the last 4+ years has lost credibility as even-handed, ‘blind-folded’ administrator of justice…they are transparently partisan and political.
  • Russia collusion hoax forever put the lie to any investigation/indictment/impeachment of Trump as if in good faith…they hate him and want to destroy him and will find or create a crime to do so

Stunning that the ruling class apparently believes the American people do not see this

Q: Now that Trump is out of office, WHY the push to prosecute him?

A: to silence /humiliate him & his pro-America agenda

Because that agenda conflicts with the Marxist agenda