Why It Matters – The August 3rd Show

Why It Matters – The August 3rd Show

America’s Primary Temperature Taken – Truth Wins


AZ earthquake:  MAGA defeated the UniParty

  • Election Day turnout for Kari Lake swamped the vote-tallying algorithms
  • Mark Finchem—anti-election fraud stalwart—16+ point win for AZ SoS
  • Trump endorsed Blake Masters wins Senate nomination
  • Wendy Rogers landslide
  • 6th anti-Trumper Rusty Bowers lost in primary

Kari Lake’s win will shake the UniParty – No candidate has been stronger on election fraud and border ‘invasion’

  • Lake beat the Bevin v. Beshear Kentucky election rigging in 2018

Winning strategy for MAGA ascendancy =>

BIG primary wins by fix-election-fraud stalwarts

Paves the way for true election integrity reforms


AZ, MI & GOP’s Ronna


GOP establishment was all-in for Kari Lake’s opponent

  • Mike Pence called on to endorse the RINO candidate
  • The fix was clearly in against Lake, but election day turnout overcame it

GOP establishment has always ignored or played down November 2020 ‘irregularities’

  • Yet Michigan’s John Gibbs wins against pro-Trump impeachment RINO

GOP establishment not even eager for red wave blowout in 2022 if MAGA-driven

GOP establishment about to get run out of town…what will they do to resist?

  • Deep State alliance?


JAN 6 & Liz Cheney


Liz Cheney the poster child for Swamp-defilement

  • Now 26 points down in Wyoming primary
  • Latches onto Castro-supporting Kevin Costner for endorsement
  • Exposed as leader of pre-Jan. 6th movement to keep military out of DC
  • Yet tries to blame Trump for not delivering military protection
  • Obscures Trump’s action to authorize military—rejected by Pelosi and Bowser
  • Believes everything is about herself and her righteous hatred of Trump

Complete loss of touch with the American people and esp. people of Wyoming

  • Yet supported by George W, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney

Cheney is a proxy for the entire GOP establishment

  • The GOP base is fed up with the GOP ruling class…massive change coming