Why It Matters – The February 8th Show

Why It Matters – The February 8th Show

Orwell, Huxley, America & SOTU


The ‘numbing down’ and ‘dumbing down’ of America continues–

  • Censorship plows forward…Americans blocked from the truth on every subject…steered into lies on every subject

China threat, Ukraine corruption, Biden corruption, vaccine dangers, open border consequences, trans/grooming/satanism, racism under every rock, rigged elections

True ‘Long Covid’

  • The state of dependency and helplessness and perpetual fear in millions of people

…a direct result of pandemic origin and lockdown and injections and financial aid

  • Medicaid enrollment has exploded since 2020

A dependent and fearful and sedated people given ‘bread and circuses’…

Don’t know what freedom is; don’t care; and won’t fight for it

A corrupt federal govt is doing this to its own people

the American people are the only hope…they MUST rise up


Dems: “Enforcing Border is White Nationalism”


House hearings on effects of open southern border

  • Obvious effects: destroying national social fabric, killing thousands via fentanyl and other narcotics, vastly expanding human trafficking

…and Dems say enforcing the border is promoting white nationalism

ØThis is not intelligent opposition

ØIt is not a good faith point of policy disagreement

ØIt is straight-out propaganda intended to destroy America

Americans cannot and must not put up with this moral idiocy and insanity

A secure border is in the interests of every man, woman and child who is a lawful US citizen

Regardless of race, ethnicity, nat’l origin or gender

America MUST get control of the Southern Border NOW


Truth About State of the Union


America’s ‘union’ has never been more fragile and vulnerable and teetering

  • And it is entirely due to the agenda of a leftist cabal installed against the will of the people

EXAMPLE:  Biden SOTU laments rising level of deaths by fentanyl

…which is a direct result of open southern border

Relentless falsehoods and deceit about this agenda cannot continue to be tolerated

C-Span lost the signal (!) during televised Twitter hearings…Deep State is relentless

Sarah Huckabee Sanders nailed it:  this is about Normal v. Crazy

Sanders’ spoke for millions of Americans

The awakening is ongoing…will it be soon enough???