Why It Matters – The February 14th Show

Why It Matters – The February 14th Show

Valentine’s Day & Americans Need Love


The Judeo-Christian foundation of America includes ‘love thy neighbor as thyself’

  • Leftism = Atheism = Hatred of God = Hatred of Christianity = Hatred of America
  • Leftism intentionally divides Americans by race, gender, economic status
  • Leftism intentionally foments HATE as the only response to political disagreement

AOC portrays Super Bowl ad “He gets us”—God’s love for humanity—as affirming fascism???

Loving your neighbor…

  • Doesn’t require political agreement on every issue
  • Isn’t nullified by political disagreement on any issue

America must return to its Judeo-Christian roots…loving your neighbor is a good start

Leftism is a poison that destroys and kills if not identified and rejected


FBI Goes Police State on Catholics


Leaked memo shows FBI determination to view ‘traditional Catholics’ as violent white supremacists warranting FBI infiltration to monitor and control

This is how leftism corrupts everything

  • Catholicism has existed for millennia…a force for good in western civil society
  • Identifying ‘traditional Catholics’ as violent white supremacists is preposterous, ridiculous, unconscionable

…such a thought should never have even existed in an American law enforcement agency, much less be the official premise for advocating undercover infiltration of a subversive group

Americans have not forgotten their heritage

Current FBI is violating that heritage…is way out of bounds…which is why–

Defund & Dissolve & Start over’ is the Best prescription for what to do with the FBI


IRS Goes Police State on Waiters


IRS’ determined to go aggressively after waiters/waitresses re tip reporting

This a vivid “tell” of the leftist police state totalitarian mentality

Marxism is built on class envy and division + insisting on no hope of upward mobility

  • Tax receipts re tips are miniscule relative to the American tax base…why is this a focus?
  • Waiters and waitresses epitomize regular, everyday Americans…they are NOT the rich
  • Restaurants epitomize small business in a healthy middle class

Tax complexity and militant IRS enforcement attitudes toward waiters and waitresses

are INTENDED TO BE a HUGE burden for small business/middle class Americans

GOP MUST pressure Biden Admin to cut the IRS

No need for 87,000 new agents…no need for IRS agents to be armed

IRS straining at gnats and swallowing camels must be stopped


WHO is attacking Project Veritas?


Pfizer is a deep money trough for the media and politicians on both sides

Project Veritas’ takedown of Pfizer was monumental

…enormously powerful forces want O’Keefe taken out

PV donors associated with DeSantis also want O’Keefe out….WHY?

ØJames O’Keefe IS Project Veritas…Project Veritas IS James O’Keefe

ØThere will be no survival of Project Veritas if O’Keefe is ousted

ØBut O’Keefe can keep going under a new organization…

…so how vicious will the smears and threats against O’Keefe become?

PV dispute is a window on ruthless political forces at work in stifling opposition

James O’Keefe is an American hero

efforts to silence him will make him stronger