Why It Matters – The May 8th Show

Why It Matters – The May 8th Show

Border Flooded as T42 ENDS May 11th


Estimates as high as 1 million migrants ready to cross the southern border May 11

  • Expiration of Title 42—limiting immigration on covid emergency grounds—May 11

Even the low estimates are around 700,000 people ready to cross

700,000 to 1 million people crossing a national border at once è An Invasion

  • Every American with a lick of common sense knows this is an invasion

Border state governors’ inaction or weak action is inexplicable, inexcusable, unconscionable

  • In the face of invasion, governors should do whatever is necessary to STOP IT
  • Not the time to ask federal govt permission; it is time to act to protect citizens
  • This isn’t a close question…which makes Americans suspect even governors are compromised

When common sense no longer exists in government

…chaos is the only possible result


Allen Outlet Mall Shooting & Brownsville


Allen shooter and Brownsville driver are Hispanic

  • Suspicion of ties of perpetrators to Mexican cartels/gangs
  • Suspicion of linkage of timing of these incidents with May 11/Title 42 expiration

oPlanned distractions?

oPsyops?  When media goes off on ‘white nationalism’ as motivation…WTH?

Investigation MUST examine all evidence of cartel involvement

Americans now live with enormous distrust of government

…even tragic, horrific events are questioned…are they orchestrated/agenda-driven?

  • Govt explanations of perpetrator motivation are questioned (remember Las Vegas shooter?)
  • Few trust in the integrity of govt investigations

This level of distrust in govt is dysfunctional to society

It cannot continue


Reverse Hate Crimes


Black man in Oklahoma kills two white people…’because they were white’

Incessant CRT teaching, 1619 (grievance) Project, reparations debates….

ØUnstable people can internalize such nonsense

ØBitterness and ‘acting out’ are not surprising…they can be expected


Yet another aspect of tolerating rampant overuse and abuse of allegations of “RACISM!”

American patriots must step up and speak up as to truth about America

False, unopposed narratives are destroying the country

GOP is pathetically weak and ineffective at opposing the racializing of everything


NY Subway Death: Whose Fault?


Jordan Neely a tragically broken soul

  • A criminal record with 42 prior arrests
  • Repeated violence and threats of violence
  • Video of Marine’s effort to restrain Neely do not show malice against Neely but a desire to protect innocent people

Jason Whitlock column a brilliant perspective on the cost of family destruction in Neely’s life

Media narrative implying Neely to be part of a ‘family of musicians’ is truly sick and damaging to all who read it

  • Utterly detached from reality
  • Designed to provoke division and racial hatred when absolutely nothing of the sort is justified

             Americans are NOT buying MSM narratives anymore…and that’s a good thing