Why It Matters – The May 30th Show

Why It Matters – The May 30th Show

“Justice” Under Tyranny


Three-year anniversary of BLM riots in Washington, DC…

  • Armed violence; billion$ in property damage/destruction; multiple deaths and injuries
  • A TRUE insurrection…BUT

ZERO prosecutions by DC District Attorney of BLM rioters

And relentless prosecution of J6 ‘unlawful paraders’

It is impossible to reconcile the behavior of DC prosecutors with anything remotely resembling justice based on truth, honesty and fairness…this is unsustainable in America


  • DC crowd marches on with plans for MORE censorship and control of free speech
  • Leftists everywhere abusing the civil legal system to silence political opposition

The American meaning of ‘rule of law’ and ‘free speech’ MUST be relearned ASAP


TEXAS Attorney General Paxton Impeachment Travesty


More on this story later in the week…but for now—

ØPaxton has always been popular with the people, unpopular with GOPestablishment

ØPaxton has used AG office to take on cases the GOPe would rather he didn’t

  • Election fraud challenge to SCOTUS
  • Fraud challenge to Big Pharma ‘safe and effective’ claims re covid vaccines

ØTexas statute explicitly prohibits impeachment for actions taken prior to election

  • Effectively holds that the people’s choice in an election cannot be undone by the ruling class

The impeachment of Paxton appears based entirely on actions prior to 2022 election

Invalid grounds for impeachment + bizarre ‘ambush’ timing + history of GOPe hostility

èPaxton impeachment reeks of ruling class elitism and hardball tactics

Texas Senate should throw it out based on Texas Statute alone