Trump Taxes; Religious Freedom; Austin Tents

Trump Taxes; Religious Freedom; Austin Tents

Articles reviewed in preparation for the July 3rd show:

Trump Tax Battle Goes to Court

The Fight Over Trump’s Tax Returns Will End Up in the Supreme Court – Here’s Why


State of Religious Freedom 2019: Lathan Watts

Three Religious Liberty Cases to Watch as the Supreme Court Finishes its Current Term

Religious Discrimination Doesn’t Fly: Federal & State Officials Open Investigations into San Antonio’s Decision to Exclude Chick-fil-a from Airport

The Supreme Court’s Peace Cross Decision Reveals deep fissures over the establishment clause

Why It’s Time to End the Lemon Test


Insulting Congress = Crime? 

House Democrat wants to prosecute people who make fun of members of Congress online


Austin OKs Sidewalk Sleepers EXCEPT

Austin City Council votes to allow homeless camping on sidewalks … except in front of city hall


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