A Great American Thinker: Andrew Klavan

A Great American Thinker: Andrew Klavan

Rush Limbaugh’s passing opens up the opportunity to take stock of some of the great American voices that almost certainly were encouraged or motivated or inspired to one degree or another by Limbaugh’s success.  Andrew Klavan is likely one of those voices.

And by fortuitous circumstance, you can get a great appreciation for Klavan’s talent in his “In Defense of Rush Limbaugh” video (click here).

Klavan is very well-read, a serious spiritual thinker (a Jew by heritage and Christian by conversion—and his conversion is the subject of one of his books), an astute observer of leftist philosophy (in large part by reason of Klavan’s experience as a writer of screenplays in Hollywood), and an articulate and passionate defender of the deeper meaning of American exceptionalism.  You can find his video and written content regularly at Daily Wire.

He draws his share of leftist fire for the same reasons Limbaugh did—because he’s effective in defining and addressing and refuting elements of leftist orthodoxy.  Anonymous tweeters may like to take shots at Klavan, as they did to Limbaugh, but few will openly and honestly tangle with him…his intellect is too imposing.

The linked video is worth your time in part because of Klavan’s understanding and explanation of the conservative American’s view of the preeminent importance of the individual.  Individual character and merit is what matters; group identity and victim status does not.

It’s also worth your time because it reminds, yet again, of the relentless habit of leftist attacks on conservative voices:  they rage about what they believe was said by the person they are attacking, but they have exactly zero personal knowledge of what was actually said, or whether it was said at all.  They are attacking a caricature of their own creation, not anything that is real.