A Malignant Government

A Malignant Government

Please consider this news item carefully.  Think of its implications.


There is no data anywhere in the world that supports a finding of ’emergency’ as it relates to the threat of covid to children 6 months to 5 years old.  NO. DATA. ANYWHERE.  There is simply nothing that even approaches the status of ’emergency’–assuming that word has any meaning at all.

And in the very, very best case, the long-term effects of covid vaccines on such young children are unknown.   But the known short-term effects have convinced Dr. Robert Malone and many others that the risks to children from taking these vaccines outweighs any possible benefit.

Yet a billion-dollar company has no ethical qualms about proceeding with a request for ’emergency use authorization’, and an American government agency (the FDA) has given no indication that it will do anything other than act as a rubber stamp to grant the request.  (It’s possible Dr. Malone’s Unity Project has done enough to shame even the FDA out of granting the request; and maybe political pressure running so high against the Biden administration will result in them telling the FDA to turn down the request).

The nation of Japan also just saw the release of a study endorsing the safety and efficacy of ivermectin in the treatment of the Omicron variant.    Yet American public health authorities have acted to ban this drug from use in America, knowing full well that patients may unnecessarily die as a result.

These are two examples illustrating why so many Americans are gasping at the implications of their government’s role in this out-of-control plandemic:   American officials are carrying out an exercise in planned depopulation, otherwise known as mass murder.

God help us.