A Path to Freedom from Obamacare? Doctor’s Declaration of Independence

A Path to Freedom from Obamacare? Doctor’s Declaration of Independence



An orthopedic surgeon with 23 years in practice wrote a Wall Street Journal column that sets out a path toward enfeebling Obamacare’s mandates and stranglehold on the healthcare system in America.

Not unlike the reasoning behind the loopy lefty concept “What if They Gave a War and No One Came?,” this doctor points out a rational and pragmatic course of physician-led protest to Obamacare. Physicians, explains Craviotto, are in a tremendously powerful position to “change the paradigm” by simply refusing to participate in the programs through which Obamacare snakes itself into control over our nation’s healthcare system.


Dr. Daniel Craviotto urges physicians to consider “as a group, elect not to take any insurance, not to accept Medicare.” Craviotto points out that “many doctors are already taking these steps.” With sufficient participation and momentum, this “we will not dance to your tune” medical professional protest could lead to a de facto repeal, or at least to a “now we have to deal with reality” moment for Democrats who fashioned this healthcare takeover monstrosity.


Americans are watching the destruction of the best healthcare system on earth. Doctors and patients are becoming even more alarmed, frustrated and outraged as we discover more of what was in Obamacare.


Doctors cannot do what they were trained to do. As Craviotto’s 23 years in the practice of medicine have taught him, “the only thing that matters is the doctor-patient relationship. How we interact and treat our patients is the practice of medicine.” Craviotto spells out a few of the many ways that Obamacare insidiously slithers its way into the examining room and hospital halls, causing doctors to spend more time in bureaucratic, tedious and unnecessary paper and electronic recordkeeping work, and less quality time with patients.


Patients really cannot keep the health insurance or doctor they like. This reality shocked many Americans who bought into the oft-repeated Democrat lie that if you like your insurance, and your doctor, you can keep them.


Activists have focused almost all of our energy on pressuring Washington to stand up for repeal, and urged candidates to challenge our elected officials who lack the backbone to stand up and fight for repeal. This pressure must and will continue.


But physician participation in Dr. Craviotto’s Declaration of Independence protest against Obamacare could go a long way to waking up the DC Democrats to the truth that America’s doctors agree with America’s people. We never wanted Obamacare. We will not put up with this creep toward socialized medicine. Americans, doctor and patients, deserve so much better.