A Twenty-sided Die Tossed 83 times…Proof of Election Rigging

A Twenty-sided Die Tossed 83 times…Proof of Election Rigging

Imagine instead of a common six-sided die (singular form of dice) that you possess a twenty-sided die.  Twenty sides of the die, each with a different number, instead of six sides/numbers.

Now imagine that you toss that twenty-sided die 83 times, resulting in a unique sequence of 83 numbers (e.g., 7, 20, 13, 9, 7, 6, 11, 17, 3, 19,…etc. through 83 rolls).

Now imagine that you repeat this process again—meaning that you roll this same twenty-sided die 83 more times.   And lo and behold, you get the exact same sequence of 83 numbers that you got when you first rolled the twenty-sided die 83 times.  You know already that such a result is preposterous; that you are dealing with a twenty-sided die that appears to be ‘loaded’ or programmed in some way…because you couldn’t twice roll a regular six-sided die 83 times and get the same sequence each time.  To get that same sequence with a twenty-sided die?  Next to impossible.  One in an umpteen-zillion chance.

Now imagine that you repeat this process 30 times—meaning that you roll this same twenty-sided die 83 times…thirty times in succession.   And each time, you get the exact same sequence of 83 numbers.

Now you KNOW, without any doubt whatsoever, that you are dealing with a rigged die.  Because you know it is not possible to generate 30 successive rolls of a twenty-sided die 83 times, and get the same sequence of 83 numbers every time unless the die is already programmed to generate that sequence.


Those of you who follow the various 2020 election fraud investigations recognize the foregoing as the metaphor chosen by Dr. Douglas Frank to explain what his analysis of public data has revealed about 2020 election results in 43 states (seven states have not made enough data available to allow Dr. Frank to run his analysis).

In Dr. Frank’s metaphor, the 83 rolls of the twenty-sided die represent one roll of the die for each of 83 ages of eligible voters, beginning with first eligibility at age 18 and ending at age 100.  For each roll, one of twenty numbers turns up, and those numbers correspond to a percentage of the eligible voters who allegedly ‘voted’ in the election—e.g., 69% of 18 year-olds, 72% of 19 year-olds, 71% of 20 year-olds, and on and on through age 100.

What Dr. Frank has demonstrated is that, in any one state, the sequence of percentages of eligible voter turnout for all 83 ages is for all practical purposes exactly the same sequence in every county of that state.  So if that state had 55 counties, the sequence of 83 percentages for 83 ages of eligible voters was essentially the same in all 55 counties.

Back to the metaphor, these voting results—again, analyzed by Dr. Frank from publicly available data—are as if a twenty-sided die was rolled 83 times to generate a sequence of 83 numbers, and then the same 83 rolls of the twenty-sided die were repeated 54 more times…and each of the 54 times the same sequence of 83 numbers was generated.  That simply cannot happen without a rigged die; and those voting results cannot occur except pursuant to rigged voting machines.  There is no other possible explanation, and there is no need for any other ‘proof’ to establish with absolute certainty that the 2020 election was entirely rigged.

(Dr. Frank is able to demonstrate through the extrapolation of 2010 census data and other analysis exactly how the voting machine algorithms were designed.  The inescapable conclusion is that the voting machines were rigged throughout the nation.  How they later allocated votes to specific candidates in specific races is also demonstrable—see Mesa County Report #3—but ultimately unnecessary to bolster the already irrefutable conclusion from Dr. Frank’s analysis alone that the machines are rigged and controlled.)


Why such a focus today on the findings of Dr. Frank regarding the 2020 election results?

Because the same voting machines used in 2020 were, with very rare exceptions, used in the 2022 mid-terms.  And so the same outcome—rigged results—is every bit as possible, and appears in every way to again have been engineered.

Politicians and pundits are currently in hyperventilation mode discussing all the ‘lessons’ from the 2022 mid-terms—‘the GOP needs better messaging’…”Donald Trump is a drag on the GOP’…’the country is moving left so get used to it’—but Dr. Frank’s analysis suggests that all of it is baseless and vacuous.

No one who achieves the level of election control—i.e., raw, absolute political power—manifested in 2020 would ever give it up; it represents a level of global power usually conceivable only in movies or spy thrillers.  So Dr. Frank’s analysis strongly suggests an ugly but unavoidable conclusion:  the 2022 mid-term results are likely just as fraudulent as the 2020 results…because they are the product of the same rigged voting machines operated by the same corrupt people.

Ron DeSantis’ landslide re-election in Florida hardly disproves election rigging in 2022; it actually reeks of it…because the Uniparty/Deep State has long been desperate to destroy the political viability of Donald Trump—and what better way to do that than to allow the ‘Red Wave’ to manifest itself (turn off the voting machine algorithms) in Florida while keeping them on in every other state (Arizona being the most obvious example).  The narrative is thus created:  DeSantis the new juggernaut star who does everything right; other states with MAGA voters were dragged down to defeat by the weight of bad, fading Trump.

What is true of DeSantis’ win is true of other GOP wins in 2022:  such wins by the GOP do not disprove election-rigging.  Election-rigging is a sophisticated operation…there cannot be too many unexpected moves all in one direction in one election.  The object is control of the masses, not a triggering of them.  The goal is management and directional control–leftward–of the political agenda over time, not immediately or suddenly.


This is the power of Dr. Frank’s 2020 analysis.  It speaks for itself.  It has not been debunked; it cannot be.  Hit pieces on Dr. Frank’s personality are stupid and irrelevant (and off the mark besides); his analysis is based on data and mathematics, and it is reproducible by others (this is what used to be known as the scientific method of proof).

Yes, there are additional, major issues that need to be addressed, such as who is controlling the machines, for how long have they been doing it, and where will Americans find the elected officials or judges, or both, with the intellectual capacity to understand Dr. Frank’s findings and the moral courage to act on them to reverse fraudulent election results and end this egregious, nation-destroying abuse.  The accountability necessary for real resolution of these issues may be beyond the reach of American society in its present composition.

For now…the single most important lesson to be learned from the 2022 mid-terms is that the core nucleus of honest American people—regardless of political affiliation—must rise up and demand, insist, require and not rest until state legislatures act to ban electronic voting machines from American elections, and develop, organize and order instead a much simpler paper-ballot, hand-counted system (or as Dr. Frank calls it, a ‘vote Amish’ system).  The American Republic will not survive unless this is done prior to any further elections.