Seems like every election cycle candidates on both sides of the aisle talk about eliminating the IRS. Almost immediately voices of “reason” and “pragmatism” claim that this is impossible, too big a change to tackle, too risky in terms of reliable revenue flow to the government, or just too something. There is an unspoken, underlying fear of making big changes that paralyzes lawmakers.


But 2016 is the time to eliminate the IRS and the internal revenue code, and institute a flat tax or a fair tax that does not require the existence of this bureaucratic leviathan. Lawmakers will find the American people especially ready for eliminating the IRS in 2016.


  • The Lois Lerner IRS legacy of weaponizing the IRS, using it as a vehicle to harass the political opponents of the party in power, is reason enough to eliminate the agency. It has become emblematic of the truth that power corrupts.
  • Purely as a pragmatic matter, the Internal Revenue Code is an incomprehensible mess, almost literally impossible to comply with. Fear of unintended failure to file a correct return or of making some mistake in judgment makes tax filing onerous and fear-inducing.
  • Americans are ready to vastly reduce the size and scope of the federal government, and starting with eliminating the IRS would send a signal to the voters that elected officials are listening. Lawmakers need not worry at all that voters will think this is too bold a move.
  • The tax code is a playground for federal government social, political, and environmental engineering. Loopholes and exemptions and exceptions and special rules and IRS interpretive bulletins all offer officials opportunities to play favorites and confuse law-abiding citizens. American citizens want government to cease this type of interference.


The American people should not be underestimated, especially after they have witnessed a stunning level of lawlessness, intimidation and arrogance from this portion of a government that is supposed to serve them. They can see a system that is broken beyond repair, and ought to be replaced. We’re all in favor of any Presidential candidate who will stake out this position for these reasons. The time for tinkering with tax rates and handing out tax goodies is past. Americans need a new system, one without the IRS.

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