The PC narrative: abortion is a matter of women’s ‘reproductive rights’, of freedom of choice and independence; of countering the war on women.

  • There is no war on women in America; this left-wing creation from the 2012 election cycle is a myth. In matters of health, education, and professional opportunity, there is no better place in the world for women than America.
  • Abortion has claimed over 55 million lives since 1973; there can never be enough silent pondering of that number: 55 million…in America. The Holocaust involved about one-tenth of that number of deaths.
  • Planned Parenthood, perhaps the leading ‘provider’ of abortion services, has been exposed as an organization as soulless and barbaric as Josef Mengele’s Nazi death camps. The harvesting of body parts from living, breathing, out-of-the-womb babies is unconscionable to anyone with a conscience. A civilized nation must stop this.
  • Many studies show the proliferation of abortion to be harmful to the psychological and physical health of women, individually as well as collectively.

Americans may or may not be ready for an absolute ban on abortion, but the need in 2015 for a radical re-thinking on the subject and a radical reduction in the number of abortions should not be even remotely controversial.

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