About that Horse De-wormer…

About that Horse De-wormer…

Dr. Pierre Kory, who testified to the US Senate in December 2020 about the proven effectiveness of ivermectin as a treatment for covid, participated today, December 18, in a Nashville Tennessee conference on covid.

Dr. Kory drew attention to the experience of the Indian province of Uttar Pradesh (population 241 million), which essentially eschewed vaccines in favor of ivermectin, and effectively eradicated the disease in about two months.

Take two minutes to look at a chart of Uttar Pradesh covid data and listen to a brief portion of what Dr. Kory presented today by clicking here:  UttarPradesh12.18.21

Ask yourself:  

    • Why on earth is any media outlet or ‘celebrity’ disparaging ivermectin as a horse de-wormer, unfit for humans?
    • Where on earth are there covid eradication data comparable to an area with the population of Uttar Pradesh–but involving high rates of vaccination?  (Answer:  there are NONE)
    • Why on earth is the US NIH or any US media outlet NOT shouting the news from Uttar Pradesh from the rooftops?   Why wouldn’t they be falling all over themselves to get out the message to the nation and the world that covid is not to be feared, and the pandemic is over?

The answers to these questions are what have much of the world’s population increasingly fed up with Fauci and his ilk.  Fauci simply does not have an agenda to help people be healthy according to science and empirical data; he has an agenda to vaccinate and control humanity. There is no good faith rationale for what Fauci is doing and not doing, and Americans by the millions are waking up to that fact.  More need to.

Dr. Robert Malone has highlighted America’s and the world’s seeming state of engineered mass psychosis as it relates to fear of covid.  Which is to say, Dr. Malone has noted that it doesn’t matter how much data is presented, how many white papers are produced, or how many testimonials are delivered from covid patients successfully treated by covid, there is a large segment of mankind that simply cannot or will not hear them or see them.  They are hypnotized by fear, and can’t seem to break out of it.  They can have the data of Uttar Pradesh right in front of them, yet not waver in their determination to follow Fauci…while expressing anger for whoever is asking them to look at the Uttar Pradesh data and stop being fearful.

Don’t be one of the hypnotized, and don’t let anyone you care about be one of them.

Enjoy Christmas instead!