Alex Berenson wanders into the real darkness of covid

Alex Berenson wanders into the real darkness of covid

Alex Berenson, former writer for the New York Times, has made a name for himself as one of the most prominent questioners of all things covid.

A recent post of his is entitled “On Friendships with Self-Righteous Cowards“, because he’s obviously ticked off at the way he was treated by people he had considered friends–and all because he kept pointing out facts about covid and the vaccines.  But whether he would agree or acknowledge it, what he is really describing is how close America and the rest of the world came to a groupthink disturbingly similar to that which led to the holocaust.

Don’t waste thought or energy on the notion that we are equating the pandemic groupthink to the Nazi attempt to exterminate the Jews. There is, however, a valid comparison to the shrill and hysterical attitudes that were stoked by the White House and public health officials against the ‘vaccine hesitant’.  The passage of time, and a bunch of officials walking back what they said because they are afraid of accountability, has led to a tempering and even outright revision of what they said and did. But the record is the record.

It is no exaggeration that the effort was made to ‘unperson’ the unvaccinated; to make them less than human; to shun and separate and even ship them to camps.  The most hysterical of the left were not far from the outright advocacy of exterminating these depraved sub-humans who would not take the jab.  That’s holocaust-level moral depravity.

Maybe Berenson will go farther in another post to explore related questions.  The facts are now undeniable and unequivocal:  covid was not a particularly lethal virus; many effective therapies and treatments other than mRNA vaccines exist; the vaccines are far from established standards of ‘safe and effective’; and data documenting ‘excess mortality’ all over the world show overwhelming correlation and even causation from the jabs.  Take a look at the Substack posts of Steve Kirsch, and the book and data assembled by former ‘BlackRocker’ Edward Dowd.

The deeper questions include:  what does it mean to humanity’s view of itself if taking a jab of an experimental substance makes one virtuous, while not taking it makes one less than human…and not deserving of life?  What is a human being?  What is a human being’s right of choice in caring for oneself?  Who decides?  Humans have existed for thousands of years without having to be injected in order to maintain their right to life and respect…what exactly has changed?  Is it really ‘science’ and ‘experts’ who have delivered a new truth about the nature of man and woman that makes injections of various kinds essential (or mandatory)?  The ‘science’ that said there was nothing to be done for covid patients except take the vaccine was wrong and caused unnecessary deaths; the ‘science’ that said the vaccines would prevent the spread of covid and protect the vaccinated from catching it was wrong; and the ‘science’ that to this day attempts to say the vaccines were and are safe and effective is deadly wrong and to say otherwise reflects a truly malignant mindset willing to lie and harm humanity rather than admit error and seek reform.

Humanity has a long way to go to come to grips with the crimes against humanity that were perpetrated in the name of covid.  Alex Berenson may not be ready to take on that subject, but his moral outrage at how he was treated may eventually propel him there.  Naomi Wolf is already there.


On friendship with self-righteous cowards – Alex Berenson