Amash A Mess; SpyGate; Aussies!

Amash A Mess; SpyGate; Aussies!

Articles reviewed in preparation for the May 20th show:

Hidden Reasons for Amash’s Call for Impeachment? 

Republican Justin Amash Calls for Impeachment – While Holding Personal Business Interests in China.. 

This Republican Wants To Impeach Trump


SpyGate: Truth Emerging 

Obama’s ‘Wingman’ Eric Holder Viciously Attacks Bill Barr For Launching Massive Investigation Into Spygate, “He is Not Fit to Lead DOJ 

AG Barr details his hunt for the truth on what really went on with the Russia probe: Listen to the full interview

Rep. Jim Jordan: Barr “Very Serious” About Finding Out What Launched Trump-Russia Investigation


Election Lessons from Land Down Under  

What the Dems Can Learn From Down Under 

A Climate-Change Drubbing in Australia

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