America is Paying a Terrible Price for Barr/Durham’s Delay

America is Paying a Terrible Price for Barr/Durham’s Delay

Americans know America’s problem isn’t Trump’s tweets; it’s a Deep State ruling class-controlled DOJ and FBI that has made a good case that both ought to be figuratively  burned to the ground, with top coup plotters, enablers, accomplices, collaborators and “look-the-other wayers,” fired, and prosecuted where crimes occurred, so that America can start over with a reawakened sense of what constitutes a system of justice undergirded by respect for truth.

Americans CAN handle the whole truth. What they can’t handle is more Deep State ruling class games. It’s time for Barr and Durham to act.


Consider: after Trump/America’s best week just a short while ago, with an inspiring SOTU followed by impeachment acquittal, Americans are being force-fed a fresh impeachment storyline, this time over the Roger Stone case.

Roger Stone is a peripheral character in the grand scheme of the 2016 election story. By many accounts, he is unlikable; an admitted ‘dirty trickster’ who ought to experience a comeuppance for a lot of things he’s done. So what.

The 7-9 years-in-prison sentencing recommendation for Stone by the Mueller team alumni that found its way into Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s court was not a surprise or aberration to anyone paying attention; it was a continuation of the same mentality that approved the choreographed, SWAT team overkill, tip-off-CNN-to-get-the-cameras-in-place arrest in the first placeTeaching Roger Stone a lessonespecially smart-ass Trump pal Roger Stone—as to who really holds power in this country was a necessary step of demonstrating Swamp power and control. That it apparently went against the previously-expressed official decision of AG Barr was not a bug but a feature.

This is how the Deep State rolls—they defy anyone who will not accept their dictates, and play hardball to back it up—as evidenced by apparently having teed up and at the ready 1,100 former DOJ ‘officials’ to sign a public letter denouncing Barr for catering to the wishes of the President.  They activated the public letter stunt because they intended all along to defy Barr’s decision, to falsely frame the issue as if Trump ordered Barr to reduce the sentencing recommendation, and thereby engage one more time in whipping up anti-Trump fervor.

In the face of this Deep State score-settling and media manipulation disguised as a ‘judicial system’, Americans bristle when they are told (1) by so-called Republican pundits and ‘legal authorities’ that the real problem is President Trump tweeting about an obvious miscarriage of justice and how ‘impossible’ those unmannerly tweets make it for Bill Barr to do his job, and (2) by Democrat pundits (the entire MSM) that the real issue is President Trump abusing power by daring to call out our hallowed public servants at the DOJ—a/k/a Mueller team alumni—who couldn’t possibly make a decision based on political animus.

Give me a break. The American people are running out of patience with this entire act.

Here’s what Americans know: beginning in 2015 (if not before), the entire apparatus of the federal government was activated against the political opponent of the incumbent administration, with no evidence whatsoever to justify it, except the absolute groupthink certainty of those in power that this Trump guy had no business running for, much less being elected, President. No lack of evidence, no fabrication of evidence, no lie, no deliberate skirting of DOJ policy and process and tradition, no ban on leaking confidential information to the media, was too big of a legal or ethical barrier to jump over or maneuver around to get rid of Trump.

There is no way for anyone with an ounce of integrity to look at the patently disingenuous, engineered exoneration of Hillary Clinton, followed by the patently obvious targeting, undermining and willful sabotage of candidate and then President Trump, and not see the absolute mockery of the idea of a rule of law by the whole cast of Obama DOJ/FBI officials.

These were not the innocent mistakes of earnest public servants who meant well but were confused or misled by a dossier; these are the behaviors of arrogant ‘rulers of men’ who decided Hillary should be President and Trump should not, and then used every tool in the DOJ/FBI (and CIA) toolbox to make it so. They shouldn’t be or remain anywhere near power; many should be in jail.

Yet to this day, not one of the perpetrator/participants has been held accountable to a degree even remotely close to appropriate for their offenses. This is what Americans give a whit about.

And while justice continues to be delayed, President Trump continues to be the Dem/MSM whipping boy, under relentless smears and attacks all premised in the first instance on the notion that Trump is not a legitimately elected President—a notion that Bill Barr and John Durham already know to an absolute certainty is categorically false and in fact was fabricated from the beginning by the Obama administration working with the Clinton campaign.

So when the hell are Barr and Durham going to act? We know the painstakingly-thorough-by-the-book-prosecutor rationale for delay, and have a certain level of respect for it, and we understand the challenge of ‘proof beyond a reasonable doubt to a DC jury’. We can also imagine there’s a certain Warren Commission-like ‘what can the country handle?’ judgment that weighs heavily on AG Barr.

But we also know we have been looking for over three years at the biggest scandal in American history, and one that plainly involves coordinated action by government officials and very likely elected officials (see Senate Select Committee on Intelligence) to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States. There MUST be visible accountability for all, and massive housecleaning at the DOJ and FBI, and they MUST occur soon. America under the rule of law hangs in the balance.

UPDATE: For a note of hope that AG Barr is more up to the job than doubters may think, it’s interesting to see Andrew Weissman intimating to Chuck Todd on yesterday’s Meet the Press that AG Barr is subtly launching a new investigation into Comey, McCabe and Strzok under the guise of an independent review of the Flynn case.

Weissman was a ringleader in the Deep State coup attempt (Mueller’s inconsistent and incoherent Congressional testimony about the investigation and report that bore his name indicated he was never more than a figurehead while Weinstein ran the show). Weinstein’s message to Todd sounds a lot like a desperate S-O-S to the MSM/Dem/Pravda media that things are getting dicey for the Deep State coup plotters, and it’s time to pour on the ‘Barr-must-resign’ stories. Weissman’s anxiety is a tremendous positive sign; if the full truth of the DOJ/FBI/CIA abuse is really on its way to being outed, he ought to be anxious.

Eric Georgatos