American Hero: Dr. Thomas Sowell

American Hero: Dr. Thomas Sowell

Nothing lays waste to the ignorance and stupidity of racism than a living, breathing embodiment of the American ideals of individuality and excellence.

Dr. Thomas Sowell is a towering American intellect, an extraordinarily knowledgeable and educated man, and a fount of profound wisdom across the realms of economics, politics, education, geography and culture.  His many books have enlightened millions of readers, and will continue to do so for decades and even centuries.

That he happens to be a black man allows for interesting perspectives and lessons on how he arrived at the national stature he’s now attained, but is otherwise utterly irrelevant to the measure of his excellence.

A documentary released less than a month ago, “Dr. Thomas Sowell:  Common Sense in a Senseless World” has already garnered nearly 3.5 million views on YouTube.  It’s a terrific use of an hour.  America is a better place for each of those 3.5 million viewers, and will be better for each addition.  Watch it, and share the link.

Dr. Thomas Sowell ought to be among the best-known black men in America, not because he’s black, but because he’s an outstanding human being everyone can learn from.