American Patriots in 2021 – More United Than You Think

American Patriots in 2021 – More United Than You Think

A recent exercise in designing a vetting questionnaire for ‘true MAGA’ candidates revealed interesting unanimity of opinion among a small ‘control group’ of American patriots.

The control group spanned ages from 31 to 67, and included men and women of white and non-white skin colors.

Control group participants were asked to rate five possible observations/commentaries about six distinct topics on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the observation/commentary with which they most strongly agreed.

The six topics were:  ‘stolen election’; energy policy and climate change; immigration policy; China relations; covid policy; and race relations.

Five observation/commentaries received a perfect ‘10’ rating—meaning every member of the control group assigned a ‘10’ in their rating of it.  Interestingly in the aftermath of the Chauvin verdict, two of the five were on the subject of race relations.

Here are the five:

From ‘stolen election’


The 2020 election was obviously stolen; the five-state vote-counting shutdown on Election Night—when Trump was winning all five—followed by ridiculously implausible pro-Biden ballot dumps that turned all five to Biden, was all the evidence anyone needed to know the election was stolen.  All that was left to do was thoroughly investigate so that the right people and companies were indicted for the right crimes, but our corrupt institutions failed us, and none actually investigated.  This obvious injustice leaves MAGA agenda supporters angry and distrustful of our system. Justice requires that some court actually analyze the evidence of electronic election fraud.


From China relations


The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is not a benevolent force; it desires the destruction of the United States of America.  The vast majority of the Chinese people are not members of the CCP, and do not necessarily embrace the policies or objectives of the CCP—but they have no choice but to follow along or else face imprisonment or execution.  America should cut way back on all trade with China, ending any form of dependency on Chinese suppliers in any area of commerce.  The CCP will not become less aggressive unless and until made to do so by economic, military and political pressure.


It is beyond me as to why we ever trust the truthfulness of ANYTHING the Chinese Communist leaders say.  They lie about their economy and rates of growth; they lie about the use of forced labor; they lie about organ harvesting and forced sterilization; they lie because they can, because there is no one to stop them or call them out.  And they virtually own and control the WHO, which makes every pronouncement by WHO presumptively false or misleading.  We are forever assuming the CCP abides by the same ethical standards of the west, but they don’t, and never will.  We shouldn’t make any part of American trade or covid policy around what China claims to be true or untrue.  We have to investigate and decide for ourselves.


From race relations


Martin Luther King had it right long ago:  we want to strive for a society where we are judged by the content of our character, and not by the color of our skin.  Diversity programs that are based on the color of our skin or other physical characteristics are not consistent with Dr. King’s philosophy, and send us backward in race relations, not forward.  We want to abolish both affirmative action and white privilege; we want as much as possible to treat each other with respect and dignity, and let our individual strengths and weaknesses determine our path forward, not our identity as part of a group.


We need to give broader voice and more visibility to conservative black and brown Americans.  People like Candace Owens, Allen West, Burgess Owens, Larry Elder, Steve Cortes.  They demonstrate by their lives that what makes America great is not groups and group identities, but individuals and individual excellence achieved through hard work, persistence, and upright character.  Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are the rights of individuals, not groups, and that’s how we ought to think of them.  We’re part of one human race, and [should] stop dividing ourselves by skin color.



These results do not represent an official poll; the composition of the small group was not random; and the results should not be even remotely considered ‘science’.  Still, it is significant and heartening to see unanimity around three of the most prominent issues of this era.

America is not a 50/50 country.  The radical left is likely less than 10% of the population, but their expertise in and willingness to exploit the tools of mob magnification make them sound, look and feel like 50%.  And the CCP has a hand in making that happen.

Countless craven American CEOs are unable to grasp that they are being played via this phenomenon, and so they capitulate over and over to utterly nonsensical positions that common sense would dismiss out of hand.   (Denouncing the content and impact of a Georgia law you clearly haven’t even read is unserious and stupid; doing so on the basis of what a mob tells you to think is pure finger-in-the-wind cowardice, not leadership).

But as these five unanimous ‘10’-rated observations suggest, there is a reservoir of plainspoken, patriotic American common sense that still resides among the American people.

Americans may be relentlessly instructed by the MSM to accept ‘polarized’ as the only intelligent description of the American body politic in 2021 (and for decades prior).  We don’t think so.  We believe those ‘10’-rated observations above would be embraced by an overwhelming majority of Americans, even today.