American Reckoning

American Reckoning


  • Joe Biden sold his political influence as Vice President of the United States of America to enrich himself and his family members, and back-filled American foreign policy rationales as necessary to justify the venality and keep the money flowing to himself and his family members.
  • Biden did this with the Ukraine, Russia and China—the latter two of which are America’s preeminent ‘geopolitical foes’ or enemies.
  • Biden effectively put American foreign policy and national security up for sale to the highest bidder.

That’s pretty much the ‘plainspeak’ takeaway from the burgeoning Hunter Biden scandal that received a turbocharge by Wednesday’s New York Post article.  But the reckoning that is going to reverberate throughout the Swamp—actually, throughout the entire nation—is only beginning to be understood.

Let’s stipulate to the usual disclaimers—not every Hunter Biden email and its implication has been verified to a 100% certainty; this is October, which is known for surprises that later prove overblown; and in any case, the Swamp will not go gently into that good night and is even now testing a thousand different spins to figure out which might fly in service to the cause of preventing the American people from understanding what has been exposed.  Maybe one of those spins will gain traction for a time.

But we think an unavoidable reckoning has been triggered, the likes of which may have no parallel in American history.

And we’re actually optimistic that when the dust settles, America is going to be renewed, refreshed and reset as ‘the shining city on a hill’.  But that’s a story for another day.

For today, let’s explore just a few dimensions of the reckoning that lies ahead.

An apparent email from Hunter Biden to his daughter extols himself (Hunter) in comparison to “Pop” (his father Joe), who is said by Hunter to demand 50% of whatever Biden family members make from the various lucrative jobs they have landed through Pop’s sale of political influence.  Then add this fact:  Joe Biden is on video bragging about how he held up a billion dollars of US aid to Ukraine unless and until Ukrainians fired a prosecutor whose investigation of Burisma was endangering Hunter’s gravy train ‘job’ as a paid Board member of Burisma.

Put it together, and you have this:  the Vice President of the United States using his office to condition and extract and launder US taxpayer dollars (the aid to Ukraine) in order to pay/enrich himself and his family members.

Political corruption doesn’t get much clearer or viler.

So what are we going to hear from:

  1. Bill Barr and Christopher Wray—the Attorney General and Director of the FBI—who had the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop in the possession of the DOJ/FBI in December 2019…at the very time the Pelosi-led House of Representatives was conducting an impeachment of President Trump for daring to investigate Biden’s corruption?

There is no obvious good answer for sitting on this directly relevant and entirely exculpatory (as to Trump) information.  To claim they didn’t know they had the information in their possession seems like an inexcusable failure of management responsibility; to admit they knew they had the laptop, but claim it was somehow excusable to keep the exculpatory information hidden is beyond unconscionable.

Maybe they really will truthfully be able to say they didn’t know about the contents of the laptop until yesterday.  But if that’s their answer–then what are they going to do today?  There’s a right and righteous way to react to the honest, belated discovery of this kind of information…let’s see what they do.

  1. Mitt Romney (and the entire cast of Never Trumpers), the pious upholder of all things righteous and denouncer of all things Trump? Does Biden’s obvious corruption register with you at all?  Ever heard of the word ‘apology’?
  1. Peggy Noonan, esteemed pundit/protector of all the ‘normalcy’ represented by Joe Biden? Is this within your idea of the ‘wink-wink’, everybody does it, realm of acceptable exercise of political power?  Was the contrived impeachment of President Trump for wanting to investigate Biden’s corruption consistent with your idea of normalcy, too?
  1. The mainstream media and social media? Twitter and Facebook at this writing have backed down from full blocking of the New York Post article, but their initial actions to blatantly act to protect Biden by smothering the story are known by every sentient observer.  The MSM at this writing is still trying to figure out where to go with the story.

Our guess is that social media may have assured their breakup in the second Trump term, and the remainder of the mainstream media is in the process of accelerating their own demise.  Sustainable media business models can’t be built on hiding truth and disseminating lies.

So fasten your seatbelts.  Our guess is that much more is coming, not just relating to Hunter Biden and the Biden family corruption, but about Obamagate and the treasonous conspirators who attempted a coup against the duly elected President of the United States.

The cockroaches have been exposed; they are scurrying everywhere to find a place to hide; but they are becoming aware that there is no place to hide.  They are facing destruction, and they know it.   This is not a time for the playful call to get your popcorn ready.  This is a time for prayer for America and the President.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?