America’s MUST WATCH Interview: Dr. Peter Breggin on the Pandemic/Global Reset

America’s MUST WATCH Interview: Dr. Peter Breggin on the Pandemic/Global Reset

Dr. Peter Breggin and his wife Ginger have written a book “COVID-19 and the Global Predators:  We are the Prey“.  It’s due to be released in June or July (assuming it is not somehow banned) but if you order an advance copy now, you will be given immediate access to the working manuscript.

Watch this America Can We Talk? interview:  Start at 14:36 and continue to 38:27

Wake up.

Think for yourself.

Do you understand what you just watched and heard?

Do you think Dr. Breggin is a crackpot?  Is he ignorant?  Naive?

He’s none of those things.   He’s a medical/psychiatric expert who has testified in court as such over 100 times; author (by his count) of 30 books and 70 scientific articles.  He’s also an American patriot.  And he’s another modern day Paul Revere.

America is under vicious, planned, orchestrated attack; the goal is the imposition of totalitarian control under the rule of ‘globalist’ men…which is another way of saying the goal is to end individual freedom under God.  A ‘fundamental transformation’ of America.

As Newt Gingrich has written–and as is echoed by Dr. Breggin in the interview–the current level of danger to American freedom compares to the time of the Revolutionary War and of the Civil War.

If you love America and wish to live in a place where truth matters, you need to get involved to save this country.  Denounce and defeat the entire concept of vaccine passports.  There is no time to waste.

Thanks to Dr. Breggin for having the courage to speak up and write the book.

Dr. Breggin looks a little like Clarence the angel in “It’s a Wonderful Life“.  Let’s hope he can wake up Americans to realize what life would be like once freedom is lost.