America’s Need: Brushfires of Freedom, Everywhere (Updated)

American Revolutionary war leader Sam Adams famously said:

It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.

America in May 2020 needs every American patriot to set brushfires of freedom in the minds of their friends, relatives and neighbors, right where they are, right now. This country is built on freedom, and specifically on the belief that free men and women under God can be trusted with self-governance.

Those brushfires will first light the thinking of their fellow Americans to relearn and reawaken to the joys and power of freedom, and eventually burn to the ground the stunning tyranny let loose on this country by the phony coronavirus pandemic.

Let’s set one brushfire right here, in a couple of easy steps.

  1. The American Center for Disease Control states as of May 1st, 2020, total US deaths from coronavirus stand at 37,308. That’s not a lagging indicator; that’s the CDC’s actual number as of May 1st.

There’s not a decent American anywhere who feels anything other than regret about those deaths, and care and compassion for the loved ones most directly impacted by them.

Had Fauci/Birx come to President Trump’s office back in February or early March and told him a novel coronavirus has hit American shores, and it may kill 37,308 Americans before the spring/summer weather ends it, there is no chance whatsoever that President Trump would have (or should have) given any thought to locking down the entire country. No. Chance. Whatsoever. Not even social distancing would have been on the action-item agenda. Not even the label ‘pandemic’ would have been used.

So why is America still locked down anywhere, in any way? There is no answer of ‘science’ to that question. There is no good answer of any kind to that question. And that’s the strongest prima facie proof that the original decision to lockdown was WRONG, a mistake. And why it should be acknowledged, reversed and full American freedom should be restored.

  1. Allow yourself to watch/listen to this Tucker Carlson segment from Friday, May 1st.

Carlson’s clip of the Wisconsin police officers—badgering and abusing a woman they clearly believe resides well beneath them on the cultural totem pole—are acting no differently than the East German Stasi of decades ago. If you doubt that, watch “Lives of Others”.

Those officers’ attitudes have no place in America; they are a disgrace to American law enforcement; and the Wisconsin state and local officials who led those officers to believe that’s the attitude and tone they should be taking toward a woman who dared to plan a ‘play day’ for her little daughter with a friend—every one of those officials should be pressured by the people of Wisconsin to resign, immediately. And the officers ought to publicly apologize to the woman and to the people of Wisconsin.

But even worse than the clip of the Wisconsin officers is Carlson’s clip of Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, responding to a journalist’s question about why it’s ok for Pritzker’s wife to ignore the lockdown and fly to Florida, while the rest of Illinoisans must stay home…by order of the Governor.

Pritzker is offended by the question; he actually says it is ‘reprehensible’ for a journalist to ask him about his own family’s practices during the pandemic.

King George of American Revolutionary War times would have identified with and applauded Governor Pritzker. How dare the lowly serfs question ruling class royalty? Off with their heads!

Pritzker should be ashamed of himself; he should resign. But of course he won’t; he won’t even be self-aware enough to realize just how disgustingly arrogant and un-American his attitude is.

These two clips powerfully capture the outrage Americans ought to be feeling about what’s happening to their country as a phony pandemic brings out the inner tyrant of officials who are supposed to be servants of ‘we the people’.

Unfortunately, there are millions of Americans who won’t see those clips, and won’t know what the CDC says about the number of deaths (as opposed to the MSM, which is hell-bent to make the death tally get past the last revised ‘model’ estimate, so as to argue for some modicum of respect for them).

And even for millions who might see the clips and/or might know the CDC death numbers, there is still a great number of them too frightened by six+ weeks of the fear pandemic to process any countervailing information. They are just going to stay paralyzed by fear indefinitely; not even an ‘all clear’ from Anthony Fauci will be enough to make them sure they don’t need a mask or need to stay six feet away from friends and neighbors.

That’s why the need in America right now is for the irate, tireless minority who DO see the abomination that has been wrought on the country to keep talking and asking questions about—setting brushfires of—FREEDOM.

Where is American freedom in May 2020? Who gave Pritzker, Newsom, Cuomo, Abbott and all the rest the authority to continue with this lockdown? The ‘emergency-crisis-of-the-unknown’ justification has long since expired…what ‘science’ is justifying this continued nonsense? What the hell is their authority to continue usurping the constitutional rights of free people?

Our hope is that the irate, tireless minority will become an even more irate majority, and soon. Then the politicians will finally fear the people, and then the politicians will change.

But until then, remember Sam Adams:

It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.

UPDATE, May 4, 2020:

Various reports have indicated the CDC estimate of 37,308 deaths as of May 1st, 2020 is a lagging indicator; that it is simply slower to confirm ’cause of death’ findings but will ultimately arrive at the 60,000+ number other sources have reported.   Maybe so.  But the larger truth is that even Deborah Birx herself has signaled the desirability of erring on the side of over-inclusive death counts, and bailout funding is shaped by those death counts.  These are the reasons there is widespread distrust of the tally of deaths from coronavirus.   The further truth is that even at the 60,000+ level (or even at President Trump’s latest get-ahead-of-potential-bad-news estimate of 100,000 by the end of summer), there was no reason to shut down the country.

The point stands;  American patriots needs to set brushfires of freedom in the minds of their countrymen if America is to escape from the lockdown intact–as America.

Eric Georgatos wrote under the pseudonym “Paul Gable” at the Brushfires of Freedom website from 2007-2016. A collection of his postings are assembled into a book for sale at the America Can We Talk website.