America’s Shutdown: A Necessity? Or a Plot?

COVID-19 is an awful disease; suffering under it can be ‘vicious’; death from respiratory struggle is hard to even think about. No decent person would wish it on their worst enemy; no sane person would wish anything but speedy recovery for all who have contracted it. (And recovery, whether speedy or slow, appears to occur about 98% of the time).

But did COVID-19 require the shutdown of America?  Does it still require the shutdown? Why does the whole shutdown exercise increasingly feel like a set play—like a lot of people knew how to game the system so as to guarantee the exact prescription that would crater the American economy and bring America to its knees?

As Americans ponder those questions, they’re noticing the actual data surrounding the pandemic. Specifically, more than halfway through what we have been dramatically warned is America’s ‘Pearl Harbor week’, total deaths in America from COVID-19 stand at just under 15,000. And we know that reported ‘cause of death’ has been deliberately manipulated to be over-inclusive in blaming COVID-19. So the real number of deaths from COVID-19 is probably considerably less than 15,000. Just that choice by the CDC, telling doctors to attribute the cause of death to COVID19 in cases where the doctor does not know if the patient had COVID19, raises alarm bells.

The CDC’s estimate of deaths from the ‘regular flu’ season this year is 24K at the low end, and 63K at the high end.

Like the boy who pointed out ‘the emperor has no clothes’, Americans point out to the ‘experts’: the raging pandemic has no raging pandemic casualties. The entire country is shutdown…and deaths from the pandemic are substantially less than the regular flu?

The medical explanations are pretty standard: science says a new virus can’t be stopped; there’s no known immunity to it in the human system; there’s no developed vaccine to treat it; and absent some kind of decisive action, the ‘models’ indicate we would be looking at millions upon millions of dead Americans, not to mention the dead in the rest of the world.

Well, Americans are already jaded about reliance on ‘scientific models’.

But more specifically, why was the only right form of decisive action the approach of ‘horizontal interdiction’—meaning shutting down the whole country—vs. a more focused vertical interdiction—meaning ‘silo-ing’ identifiable groups of the vulnerable and actively protecting them? No less an authority than Yale’s Dr. David Katz has raised this (behind paywall).

This fork-in-the-road decision was no trivial matter; one fork would probably have preserved the stock market and the economy and resulted in a rescue bill, if one were needed at all, of modest size; the other fork is the one taken, and we are living with the collapse, have spent $2.2 trillion we don’t have, and are still unsure how we’re going to get free of the shutdown.

Was the decision on which way to go a clear matter of medical expertise and no-brainer judgement, reached in good faith in real time as the facts presented themselves; or was this gamed out to force the shutdown option to the exclusion of all others?

The longer it drags out, and the weaker America becomes, economically and militarily, as a result, the more it feels like the prescription of massive economic shutdown of all non-essential businesses and life activities was chosen and in fact dictated by the “experts,” with the mission of using the virus crisis to pursue the long-standing political mission of decimating the successes wrought by Trump’s economic policies, and weakening America. It appears more likely with each passing day that the prescription was chosen for the purpose of devastating America’s strength.

There are a host of dangerous players who had and still have every reason to make this happen and/or make it last.

From foreign actors to domestic policymakers, there are players in this world who would choose or manipulate the American response to the coronavirus to magnify fear, undercut the economic strength of America, and ultimately take America off the course of restoring her historic prominence in the world.

You don’t need a medical degree or advanced knowledge of mass psychology to understand that you can bring America to her knees and destroy the restoration of America underway under President Trump’s policies, by instilling fear, freezing most economic activity, and crashing the economy. The mass psychology of inducing fear is a historically powerful weapon, that causes surrender to authority that would not otherwise be tolerated.

There are several parties who do have medical and mass psychology knowledge; they know how to make a pandemic look as extreme and serious as possible, and to make submission to freedom-crushing, economy-crashing orders the only possible solution. And they have motives for doing so.

China is suspect #1. The Wuhan bioweapons lab is not a benevolent organization. The people who operate that lab know exactly what WHO and other public health authorities think of as a dangerous pandemic that can trigger shutdown remedies, and they would certainly know how to camouflage a virus’ origin (wet market, anyone?). China’s motives are obvious: they desperately needed to take down the US economy (and the related defense buildup driven by that economy) in retaliation for President Trump having taken down the Chinese economy through tariffs and other aspects of trade policy.

The American Deep State, including the Democrat Party and MSM, is suspect #2. They are still seething over the election and continued presence of President Donald Trump, and their inability to remove him. Federal agencies, too, know all about bioweapons; they know all about America’s pandemic response planning; they would know how to game the pandemic response system—with the right people in the right places of advice to the President (Dr. Fauci, anyone?), and with a propaganda plan to keep the MSM lathered up with OMG stories.

And now there is suspect #3 in the form of the Bill Gates global vaccination crusade entourage. Internet sleuths are painting Gates as an evil mastermind, virtually plotting for years to unleash a ‘coronavirus pandemic’ on the world—and finally getting his chance with COVID-19—to get to his goal of reaping billion$ by vaccinating mankind through vaccines developed by one or more of the many entities owned, funded and controlled by the Gates Foundation.

But it’s got to be a serious and mysterious pandemic with a new vaccine as the only cure. Any noise about an existing drug that cures the illness—hydroxychloroquine as an example—must be silenced and brushed aside. Which is exactly what Dr. Fauci does, repeatedly.

We’re not sure about the evil intent being assigned to Gates—he has long believed vaccinations are the key to helping the poor masses, and we’re not sure how motivated he is to accumulate more money—but there is no question about his deeply vested interest in seeing the pandemic handled in a way that favors vaccines as the only solution.

This angle of suspicion has received a big jolt of credibility in recent days as the many ties of Fauci and Birx with Gates are exposed, including most recently that one of Dr. Birx’ two daughters works in a senior strategy role for the Gates Foundation. If nothing else, these ties scream ‘conflict of interest’ which Fauci and Birx should have been very up front about with the American people (and weren’t). But they also raise serious questions about whether their shutdown-until-vaccine leanings and constant opposition or foot-dragging away from any virus remedy other than vaccines is grounded in science or financial interest.

There is no reason for Americans to choose one of these three possible suspects as “the” culprit in this situation. They are all playing a role and all contributing to the damage. They don’t necessarily have to be working together; there is no need for a secretive Board of Directors to coordinate everything. Because the vision and goal of all three is the same: America’s uniqueness and exceptionalism are scoffed at, set aside and ultimately dismantled, Trump is out, and the world is reset toward the godless globalist vision of open borders, socialized medicine, controlled masses, and/or, in the CCP’s vision, of communism.

Would this end goal be important enough to the players who seek it, to launch and hype and relentlessly foment a pandemic so as to require a shutdown response as a means to achieving their goal?


And that’s why, more than ever, many Americans are beginning to suspect that America’s shutdown is not a necessity or an accident; it’s the deliberate product of a gamed-out strategy by a number of serious players of serious means with very serious anti-American, anti-Trump, globalist goals.

God help us if that’s true. In the meantime, let’s get back to America; let’s get back to work.

Eric Georgatos and wife Debbie operate the America, Can We Talk? media platform, with 4 day a week video podcasting by Debbie, and weekly written commentary, all centered around the importance and value of preserving America under her founding ideals.