An Archbishop Joins Candace Owens

An Archbishop Joins Candace Owens

Last week we posted a link to a 17 minute video by Candace Owens, in which she brought the sunlight of truth onto the MSM’s unjustified martyrdom meme for George Floyd.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has now shown himself to be a kindred spirit with Ms. Owens, though neither may realize it.  The Archbishop–effectively a former Vatican ambassador to the US–recently penned an open letter to President which has been memorialized in this video.

Though Ms. Owens spoke of the Floyd situation and the Archbishop wrote more broadly, they are both recognizing the truth that America is being pummeled by lies and liars.  The old fashioned word for this is evil.  And the old fashioned and forever remedy for evil is the good that is anchored in truth…when that truth speaks out and is not cowed or mocked into silence.

Thanks to Ms. Owens and Archbishop Vigano for speaking out, and speaking truth.

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