Anti-Semitism; Ilhan Omar; Citizenship/Census Question

Anti-Semitism; Ilhan Omar; Citizenship/Census Question

Articles reviewed in preparation for the March 7th show:

DEMS cannot agree on Denouncing Anti-Semitism

Democrats Can’t Decide to Come out of the Closet as anti-Semites or not

Rank-and-file Dems revolt against Pelosi over resolution to condemn anti-Semitism

Progressives Defend Omar, prompting House Dems to delay vote condemning anti-Semitism


John Guandolo in Studio – Rep Ilhan Omar & Anti-Semitism


2020 Democratic candidates circling wagons around Ilhan Omar after Israel Comment uproar

Trump says Rep. Ilhan Omar should be ‘ashamed’ over ‘anti-Semitic’ tweet condemned by Dem leaders

Minnesota’s Omar inflames Dem split over Israel with post-victory support for BDS movement


Census Citizenship Question Setback

Another judicial travesty on the 2020 Census citizenship question

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