April 10, 2016

April 10, 2016

The First Fifteen


Debbie takes up the subject of race relations in America.  Respect for the existence of truth is a good starting point.  The recent play called “Ferguson” uses unedited grand jury transcripts to bring to light exactly what the witnesses to the Michael Brown shooting said to the grand jury.  What an eye-opening series of events are associated with the creation of that play!  “Hands up, don’t shoot!” simply did not happen.


Former Oklahoma Congressman and Oklahoma quarterback J.C. Watts calls in for an inspiring and uplifting interview around Watts’ new book, “Dig Deep”.


Race relations are in need of healing in this country, and true conservative principles are the path to that healing.


In the second hour…


Leading ladies Lorie Medina and Mari Sullivan join Debbie for the second hour roundtable.


Author and Fox News writer and producer Crystal Berger calls in to continue the discussion on race relations in America, with her perspective as a daily contributor at Fox News.  Her book “Be Extraordinary” deserves to be read…her roots in Baltimore led her to speak up and write after the Freddie Gray riots did such harm in the Baltimore community.


The leading ladies take up the imperative need to reverse the seven years of deterioration in race relations that have occurred during the Obama administration.  Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton do not have the answers—and Barack Obama has caused more racial strife and division than any other President.


Studies tell us the ways to solve this problem, but we taught to deny basic realities about poverty, marriage, and family.


Wendy Bell’s story is a sad window on misplaced racial sensitivity.


Links to articles reviewed in preparation for our April 10th show:


The Ferguson play:  This play is ENTIRELY the actual testimony in the Ferguson case about what happened that day. Read by actors of the same race as the witnesses

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