Atlanta Incident May Help America Get Back on Her Feet UPDATED

Atlanta Incident May Help America Get Back on Her Feet UPDATED

The death of Rayshard Brooks is sad and unnecessary. But it was not the product of out-of-control police shooting an innocent, unarmed black man. Brooks aggressively resisted arrest, grabbed for and took a police officer’s weapon, ran away, and then fired that weapon at the police before return fire hit him.

Maybe the ‘eyewitness-able’ truth of this episode, juxtaposed with Democrat lying about it and inciting riots with their lies, will end up as a surprising aid to unifying Americans against an increasingly transparent leftist assault on the country.


The Atlanta police responded to a civilian call for help with an individual who fell asleep (passed out from intoxication?) in a drive thru lane; the police were not independently out looking to pick a fight with a random unarmed individual at a Wendy’s.

They peacefully administered a field sobriety test on Brooks, which Brooks failed.

Civilians do not want the standard police follow up to a failed sobriety test to be a warning to drive carefully. They want the suspect taken into custody at a place where he will sober up.

Armchair ‘experts’ equipped with hindsight may say a police officer must never shoot a drunken assailant who is running away unless the running away is prompted by a crime that involves a precise level of blood, violence and mayhem (above the punch in the face Brooks apparently delivered to the officer). But that demands a level of restraint few human beings are capable of after being shot at with a taser gun ripped from you in a fight, which could have left you immobilized on the ground with an assailant ready and able to beat you to death or run over you with a vehicle.

If the American people of whatever color want the police to respond to civilian calls for help—and they do—they must support those police when they endeavor to follow good police practices in delivering that help, and are then met with aggressive resistance. The answer can’t be to let the most aggressive resisters go.

This is common sense; most Americans of every ethnicity or color align with it.


Yet what have the Democrat leaders of Atlanta brought to this incident?

Former Georgia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (at one time a rumored VP prospect for Joe Biden) weighed in with the MSM to say “There’s legitimacy to this outrage. A man was murdered because he was asleep in a drive-through.”

Abrams along with so many Democrat politicians believe the MSM bubble is reality; that they can make transparently false statements and false characterizations, and nobody will notice and nobody will care. They apparently believe the American people will instead rally to the outrage, join in the riots, and vote for the leaders who are acting in this way.

But Americans of all skin colors DO notice obvious lies; they DO care when they are being manipulated, and they are not too ignorant to examine the video for themselves. The result is broadening disgust with race-baiting and pandering Democrat politicians who plainly believe they benefit by keeping people in a state of agitation and distrust of their fellow citizens. (The result will be a vote for Trump.)

The Democrat Atlanta mayor instantly pronounced her judgement that the incident did not warrant the use of deadly force. The mayor’s instant condemnation of the police apparently prompted the Atlanta police chief to immediately resign, and the officer who fired the shot to be instantly fired without investigation or due process.

The mayor may have thought her response would keep BLM at bay (and advance herself in Joe Biden’s VP vetting process). But the reality is Atlanta’s BLM ‘protesters’ responded to the incident by setting fire to the Wendy’s restaurant from which the employee called the police, and blocking an interstate highway.

And don’t be surprised if the mayor ends up prompting mass resignations by the Atlanta police and/or a walkout of some kind if she is unwilling to walk back her characterization of what happened or reinstate the officer pending further investigation and due process. Police of all skin colors are capable of rightly denouncing Derek Chauvin; they are equally capable of rightly defending a fellow officer caught up in the terror of an attack by a suspect attempting to grab the officer’s weapon.

The mayor may soon find out how citizens of every skin color react to a mayor whose grandstanding for the mobs lead a major city to be without police.


Policing is extraordinarily tough, dangerous work; and civilians of every skin color and gender depend 24/7 upon police to keep the peace.

There is nobody sane—whether black, white, brown or any other color—who would advise anyone who is drunk—whether black, white, brown or any other color—to aggressively resist arrest, wrestle with and punch an officer, and in the process try to take a weapon out of an arresting police officer’s holster. There will not be a good ending to any such encounter in America or anywhere else.

The Atlanta incident provided a real-time vivid illustration of all of this; it did NOT add to the racist America narrative. For that reason, America’s disgusting MSM will soon either create a false narrative around the incident, or stop covering it at all because it doesn’t fit the racist America/defund the police narrative. But beneath MSM narratives, the truth stands, and the American people can see it for themselves. UPDATE:   This is why there is hope:  “Former Gangster Drops a Truth Bomb About Rayshard Brooks’ Death

That’s why the Atlanta incident may yet help America get back on her feet.

Eric Georgatos blogs at America Can We Talk?