August 28, 2016

August 28, 2016

The First Five


Debbie takes up the Democrat playbook to shout ‘racist’ at everyone who questions the efficacy of liberal policies. Hillary’s attempt to align Trump with the KKK is rich, given her late ‘mentor’ former KKK Grand Wizard and West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd.


George Soros is someone all Americans should know about; he plainly and proudly wants to destroy everything represented in the American founding. His money is behind a whole litany of nefarious causes in this country. Listen…


Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick calls in for an informative and entertaining discussion of the current national and state political landscape. Donald Trump and immigration gets a thorough discussion.


In her ‘cruise through the news’, Debbie takes up voter ID laws and the transgender discussion. New polls show overwhelming support for voter ID (80%!!!). Do not be fooled by the ‘racist’ label assigned to basic desires for integrity in the voting process. And don’t get drawn into the transgender nonsense the way a federal judge in North Carolina did.


In the second hour…


Leading lady Jeni McGarry joins Debbie for the second hour roundtable, which began with the Colin Kaepernick story:  the 49er quarterback wouldn’t stand for national anthem… is Black Lives Matter winning the cultural debate … How do we move past this as a nation? How do we unify?


Debbie and Jeni take a look at Trump and his immigration ‘kerfuffle’ this week…the key issues are simple:  border security, vetting of Muslim immigrants, and no benefits without paying into the system.  And most important, no one who enters illegally can become a voter.


Talk radio personality (and fellow KSKY host) Mark Davis calls in to talk with Debbie about his new book “Upside Down”.


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