Awakening from the Obama Era Trance

Anyone paying attention to the Russia Collusion hoax has known for a long time that the kingpin was, and could only be, Barack Obama.

Brennan, Clapper, and Comey (among many others) were his appointees. The chances that these three would unleash the full surveillance, entrapment and enforcement capabilities of the federal government on the Donald Trump campaign and later the Trump presidency without Obama’s knowledge and approval were zero.

Mollie Hemingway at the Federalist has plotted out one chronology of events made clear by the Flynn exoneration documentation—a must read—which makes it patently obvious Obama was in the middle of the entrapment of Flynn.

We hope the full truth of Obama’s involvement is exposed, and accountability is imposed. He was at the top of a conspiracy to use fraud and deception and entrapment to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States of America. There has been no greater crime against America ever committed by a US President.

Future document dumps (probably coming out in a matter of days or weeks, not months) will fill out the case against Obama in greater detail. Indictment, trial, conviction and sentencing will depend on a bunch of people passing historic tests of American character—e.g., AG Barr and US Attorney John Durham, grand jury members, and jury members—but will in the end depend on whether the American public at large has been awakened from the Obama era trance and will permit and even encourage justice to be done. That’s is what will give Barr, Durham and the rest the backbone to proceed; without it, they will likely falter and pull back.

The Obama era trance?

Barack Obama was sold to the American public as an erudite, articulate, moderate Democrat whose very candidacy would (glory be!) give America its chance to unify and redeem the sin of slavery.

Barack Obama was in fact an anti-American, anti-Christian, radical leftist who sought and pursued the fundamental transformation of America away from a Constitutional Republic to some kind of socialist structure—and he happened to be born with a perfect costume to pull it off: his skin color.

Millions of good and decent Americans bought the lie; they truly believed that casting a vote for Barack Obama would be the one individual gesture they could perform that would count on a grander scale toward the betterment of America. If they harbored any misgivings about incomplete or shady information about Obama’s past—including those he associated with, such as convicted terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, and the anti-American, anti-Christian ‘pastor’ Jeremiah Wright—or his actual experience and qualifications, they ultimately shrugged them off on the theory that America was big enough and strong enough to survive anything, and whatever mistakes Obama might make could be corrected by the next President.

As President, Obama marched the country leftward, mostly under the radar, but with the guarantee of a fawning media to cover for anything that popped out in the open—e.g., the ‘fast and furious’ plan to dismantle the Second Amendment; IRS tea party targeting to dismantle conservative opposition; Obamacare lies to dismantle the free market, first in healthcare—and the further guarantee of the silencing power of the shout of ‘RACISM!’ at anyone, Republican, Independent or even a non-radical leftist Democrat, who dared oppose any decision of America’s first black President.

This was effectively the imposition of a hypnotic trance on the nation as a whole. All kinds of evil against the American system of government and justice were running amok (e.g., Trayvon Martin and Ferguson, Missouri), and the angst of American patriots who sensed it was muffled by the MSM and the smear of RACISM!. Everyone else just sort of glazed over what was happening and hoped everything wasn’t as bad as it appeared. The thunderclap that would break the trance never happened.

Until the candidacy of Donald Trump for President.

Trump himself did not fit any mold. A New York liberal Democrat most of his life, and a near mythical hero to the black community, he did not on the surface look like a threat to Obama or the Obama trance. But he was actually the most dangerous threat of all, for the simple reason that his passion for entering the Presidential race and his campaign theme at the core involved a genuine love for America. And THAT drew the sharpest possible contrast with radical leftism. That was the thunderclap that could and now finally has broken the trance.

Barack Obama’s designs on America were not benign.

Radical leftism is poison to America as founded. It opposes individual freedom and responsibility under God…because it favors group identity over individuality; it favors victimhood over responsibility; and it opposes God and divinely inspired principles of morality and righteous living in favor of a godless intellectual redo in the form of ‘not acting in accord with my values’ or ‘my truth’.

Doesn’t matter whether radical leftism is spouted by a man or a woman; a black or a white or a brown or a yellow-skinned human being; young or old; tall and skinny, or short and fat. It’s always poison. Americans’ instinctive revulsion toward it has nothing whatsoever to do with racism. On the contrary, Americans’ instinctive embrace of pro-American patriotism, no matter who extols it—e.g., Nikki Haley, Lt. Col. Allen West, Candace Owens—puts the lie to the entire MSM construct of ‘America is racist’.

And now the truth about Obama is spilling out everywhere.

Obama operated like a stone-cold petty tyrant, vindictive as hell toward Michael Flynn for no reason other than Flynn disagreeing with him on the threat of radical Islam, and determined to take out Trump for the main reason that Trump prevented Hillary from completing the fundamental transformation of America that Obama intended.

The legal system was to him nothing more than a set of tools for the exercise of power. Truth was a non-value; an irritant to be brushed aside by ‘narratives’ created by leaking untruths to a sycophantic media that would blow them up into the appearance of truth. The abuse of America’s judicial system that he helped engineer was and is unspeakable.

Hard to know the number of Americans who are now fully on to who Barack Obama was and is. But Donald Trump is one of them, and the sheer force of his relentlessness in fighting back the leftist cabal has created millions more who now get it. And now the truth of what happened with the Russia collusion hoax is going to be in the public domain for anyone to read, free of nonsensical MSM spin, and free of the hedging and tiptoeing of a timid IG Horowitz.

Barack Obama was America’s first subversive, radical leftist President who won election by deliberately concealing his worldview and his intentions.   If enough Americans are finally awakened from the trance, Barack Obama may finally face justice. And maybe the efforts to deflect or silence the truth with false accusations of racism can finally be moved toward retirement, and we can discuss what he actually did to undermine the foundations of this country.

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