Awakening to the Meaning of the 2nd Amendment

Awakening to the Meaning of the 2nd Amendment

We’re not sure you’ll ever read a more thorough, articulate and heartfelt recitation of the path of awakening to the meaning of the Second Amendment than Dr. Naomi Wolf’s “Rethinking the Second Amendment“.

Dr. Wolf is illustrating by example what it means to be intellectually honest and open-minded…and a thinker–for a lifetime.  Because she at one time had the anti-gun themes down pat and knew–or thought she knew–all that anyone could know about what radical leftism considers the historical anachronism of the Second Amendment.

But as America disintegrates under an illegitimate radical leftist cabal, and law and order comes crashing down everywhere, Dr. Wolf is discerning timeless wisdom and not trendy groupthink.

A long read, but worth it.  Enjoy and share.


Rethinking the Second Amendment