Bari Weiss – Rethinking Trump

Bari Weiss – Rethinking Trump

Bari Weiss is ‘credentialed’:  former op ed writer at the Wall Street Journal AND New York Times…once a liberal, but now seems to have had a change of perspective.  From a tweet earlier today @AmericanFWoman:

Journalist Bari Weiss, a Jewish liberal who quit the New York Times over its anti-Semitism, writes:

“As a Democrat who has been left homeless, who is now definitely in the center but probably leaning increasingly right, I am left yet again with an appreciation, despite the messenger, of the message of the Trump administration because what those guys did was pretty incredible in hindsight.”

“So much of the work that happened in that [Trump] administration turns out to have been right. And that’s what is so frustrating for me.

The work on the border wall? We didn’t like the messenger, so we killed the message. Turned out it was right.

Issuing long-term debt to refinance when rates were at zero? We didn’t like the messenger, so we killed the message.

A structural peace in the Middle East? We didn’t like the messenger, so we killed the message.”

“When are we gonna stop shooting ourselves in the foot? And when are we going to actually see and take the time to look past who is saying things and actually listen to them word for word?”

“If it’s clear that the last two weeks have been a wake-up call, the next question is: Why?”

“Part of the answer is the sheer depravity of Hamas’s terrorism. That depravity has made the justification and celebration of their acts by those who police pronouns that much starker. The contradictions and moral bankruptcy of a worldview that spends years worrying about microaggressions and tone policing, but can’t decide what side it is on after the beheading of babies, aren’t exactly difficult to spot.”

“To put it another way: when Black Lives Matter organizations are lionizing Islamist terrorists by posting a paraglider logo, you’d be a fool not to reassess things.”

“The events of the last week have shattered the illusion that wokeness is about protecting victims and standing up for persecuted minorities. This ideology is and has always been about the one thing many of us have told you it is about for years: power.”

“And after the last two weeks, there can be no doubt about how these people will use any power they seize: they will seek to destroy, in any way they can, those who disagree.”