Biden Race-baiting; Blexit; Anti-Semitism

Biden Race-baiting; Blexit; Anti-Semitism

Articles reviewed in preparation for the April 29th show:

Biden’s Race-baiting Announcement

Trump Didn’t Call Neo-Nazis ‘Fine People.’ Here’s Proof

Read the Complete Transcripts of President Trump’s remarks at Trump Tower on Charlottesville


Race in America: Blexit vs. Biden

Candace Owens Questions Biden’s Race Track Record in NRA Speech


Synagogue Murder, NYT, Holocaust Remembrance

NY Times prints Netanyahu-Trump cartoon with ‘anti-Semitic tropes,’ retracts it

White House proclaims Holocaust Remembrance Week

Synagogue Shooters Have Trump Hatred in Common

New York Times condemned for anti-Semitic Netanyahu, Trump cartoon

WATCH: Poway Synagogue Rabbi Reveals What Trump Said To Him Following Shooting

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