Bill Barr in NBC Interview – Kaboom!

Bill Barr in NBC Interview – Kaboom!

Take three minutes to listen to Bill Barr in a December 10 interview with Pete Williams of NBC News. [Update:  the full interview is 24 minutes; NBC chopped it up for various purposes.  You can get to the full interview through the Powerlineblog, here.]

If John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, and yes, even Barack Obama, listen to this interview, they will know that Bill Barr knows the truth about the Russia Collusion hoax.  He’s got the facts; and he gets it—he knows exactly how and why they operated the way they did.  And he ain’t happy.

We’re aware of Don Surber and others counseling ‘no excitement without an indictment’.  We know Barr has a reputation as an institution-preserver, not a swamp-drainer; we know he has praised Rod Rosenstein and Christopher Wray, who are themselves deeply implicated in indefensible behavior.  We know there are still troubling redactions that suggest Barr is willing to aid the continued coverup of coup-complicit behavior in the US Senate. 

So there is still plenty of uncertainty about how far Barr and Durham will be willing to go with what they know. 

But this NBC interview—coming on the day after the release of Michael Horowitz’ IG Report—should assure the doubters that there’s no chance Barr doesn’t get it; that he has been bamboozled by Horowitz’ claiming to find no evidence of political bias; or that he is inclined to excuse high officials because their plot to overthrow the US government was based on a sincerely held belief that America needed to be saved from Donald Trump.

Bill Barr is old school.  Facts matter.  Law is not infinitely malleable.  ‘Proof’ and ‘evidence’ are more than a guess or a hunch or a wish.  Government statements to a FISA court, made under penalty of perjury, are supposed to be true.  Domestic spying on a US Presidential campaign is unprecedented.  Our nation indeed was turned on its head for three years on the basis of a completely bogus narrative—fed by government leaks and promoted by a complicit media.  This can’t happen again.

We think the rhetorical kaboom you hear in Barr’s comments is preparing the way for serious, comprehensive indictments of criminal behavior by some of the highest federal government officials ever prosecuted in America.

Brennan and Comey and others may keep up their twitter and op-ed campaigns—they may need them to help condition the DC jury pool. 

Eric Georgatos