Boehner’s Endorsement of Cruz; Interview with Grant Stinchfield on Trump/Cruz Frustration; Mizzou Learns

Boehner’s Endorsement of Cruz; Interview with Grant Stinchfield on Trump/Cruz Frustration; Mizzou Learns

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The First Five


Debbie takes a look at just how revealing John Boehner’s recent comments about Ted Cruz (referring to him as Lucifer) really are.  Boehner has never worked with Cruz; he only knows that Cruz did as he promised his constituents he would do—he acted to stop Obama’s agenda.  And in the process of doing so, he exposed Boehner as NOT resisting the Obama agenda.  That’s why Boehner hates Cruz, and it is exactly why Boehner lost his speakership, and why GOP establishment candidates were rejected early and often in the presidential primary campaign season.  In other words, Boehner enabled and empowered Trump and Cruz.


The data in the Northeast is very illuminating.


First, Hillary’s voting turnout is dramatically down across the country; she is not inevitable or unbeatable.   There is no enthusiasm for her.  The turnout in the GOP is, in contrast, substantially up.


Second, the data does not show support for Trump in large absolute numbers; historically, his NY total was less than George W. Bush received in 2000.  His total in NY was also lower than Ted Cruz’ total in Wisconsin.  Trump won the entire state of Rhode Island by totaling 39,000 votes; Cruz received 61,000 votes in just one county in Texas.


DFW-based talk show host Grant Stinchfield called in to talk about his recent posting at The Federalist, where he explained his now regret at having voted for Donald Trump.  Plenty of frustration to go around…but unity against Hillary Clinton is still paramount in November.


The University of Missouri is learning the price of trying to appease the precious snowflake students of the unappeasable left.  Applications for first year admission, and retention rates, are down; so are donations from alumni–so much so that a hiring freeze has been implemented and a $32M budget shortfall is now looming.

Target department stores may be learning the same thing.

Final story of the first hour:  two studies of millennials show their denunciation of capitalism (or embrace of socialism) is based on ignorance of what capitalism and socialism are.  Fresh opportunities for better education!