Brian Cates – ‘Not Chaos’

Brian Cates – ‘Not Chaos’

The ouster of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House has prompted an angry chorus from certain circles to the effect that the action was utterly irresponsible and will lead to chaos in government.

The alternative media continues to shine in responding to this and many other narratives.

Brian Cates has a sizable social media following; he seems to have a decent grasp of the feelings of the patriot base of America.  His twitter post on the chaos chorus is a case in point.  (Maybe too salty for some tastes; f-bombs edited).



Brian Cates – Political Columnist & Pundit
Trump openly having an election stolen from him in broad daylight: not chaos
Two utterly fake impeachments of Trump over Ukraine & then ‘inciting an iNsuReCkShUn’: not chaos
Out of control DA’s trying to either send Trump to prison for 700 years for contesting that election theft legally and lawfully, or attempting to use civil courts to seize and liquidate all his assets: not chaos
J6 people being locked up for years & held without trial, then sentenced to long prison terms: not chaos
A wide open border with human/drug/sex/organ trafficking increasing to mind boggling levels: not chaos
Printing money like mofos and inflation going through the roof while energy production in suppressed: not chaos
A weaponized DOJ/FBI & local law enforcement indicting a former President 4 times on bullshit charges, plus a fake Special Counsel investigation after raiding that President’s home: not chaos
Federal officials lying to the public with increasing desperation about COVID 19 origins and the vaccines & masks for going on 3 years: not chaos
Federal gov’t getting caught red handed illegally censoring millions of Americans by strong arming social media companies behind the scenes in a massive Censorship Regime making use of dozens of well funded NGOs: not chaos
Shipping the most corrupt regime in Eastern Europe $120 billion taxpayer dollars while our country literally is being reduced to a shithole: not chaos.
Defund-the-police Soros DA’s & Mayors literally turning their cities into violent crime war zones: not chaos
But THIS F***ING CAREER POLITICIAN who kept breaking his word and going behind his own coalition’s back to do deals to grease all the right skids so all this f***ing BUSINESS AS USUAL could continue loses his job and all of a sudden certain “Conservative” [Inc.] people are wailing about how ‘chaos’ has broken out, and how outrageous and unsustainable our present situation is?
[STFU] …  You’re not fooling anybody who’s been paying attention.