Candace Owens – Malignant Indoctrination in US Universities

Candace Owens – Malignant Indoctrination in US Universities

Candace Owens is a one-of-a-kind cultural force.  Super bright, super charismatic, quick on her feet as a thinker, and a recovered doctrinaire liberal.  That she happens to be black is the perfect capper to a persona that causes left-wing meltdowns on a regular basis.

Her X post on October 16 is a simple, easy-to-understand encapsulation of the reality–and stark danger and damage–of left-wing indoctrination.  Getting young minds to believe in and act on lies is malicious and repugnant.  Shame on the colleges which do this and those who run them and allow or encourage it.


Candace Owens
Two years ago I enrolled in an online course at UCLA law.
I kid you not when I say my final exam essay was to argue against Project Veritas by representing the arguments of the New York Times in their ongoing defamation case.
For weekly extra credit in this class, we were encouraged to show proof of attending various social justice events. Imagine attending a protest for extra credit?
I declined to attend these events but I am sharing this experience now to underscore just how severe indoctrination has become across college campuses.
Professors will literally offer to improve your grade if you attend a protest or “get involved” in a variety of their left-leaning causes. In this same class, the assigned textbook stated that Donald Trump gassed protesters on his way to visit the church during BLM riots. It was a literal printed lie in a university textbook.
I of course argued with my professor and the students who were convinced it did actually take place. People do not realize the state of college campuses today and how nearly impossible it is for students not to fall victim to the lies they are learning in their classrooms.