Candace Owens – ‘Why fund that research?’

Candace Owens – ‘Why fund that research?’

Reading through Fauci’s experiments and the one I find most alarming is the use of an acid to destroy a region of monkeys’ brains to magnify terror. They then simulated images of spiders and tormented them with fear.
Human DNA is 97% identical to apes.
Why fund that research?



Who says that people whose ethics, morals and judgment okay acid-erasure of a portion of monkey brains to learn how to better foment terror in them…are experts?  Experts in what field, exactly?  Experts to what end, exactly?

(And that’s before even talking about experiments with beagle puppies.)

This looks a lot like research that serves the interest of learning how best to achieve mental manipulation and control through fear.

Which serves the interests of a healthy, free society and free people…how?