Census Update; Progressive Privilege

Census Update; Progressive Privilege

Articles reviewed in preparation for the July 10th show:

Census Update 

Hola: Majority of Hispanic voters approve of citizenship question on the U.S. census

Judge Denies DOJ Request to change lawyers in census citizenship question case

Judge rejects Justice Dept request to pull lawyers from census case


IWF, Carrie Lukas & Progressive Privilege

Prager Video: Who Does the Media Most Want To Silence?


Teachers’ Union Progressive Privilege 

Nation’s Largest Teachers’ Union Embraces ‘Fundamental Right to Abortion’


Indoctrination at Teen Vogue 

Is Teen Vogue Teaching Your Daughter Marxism and Revolution


Progressive Privilege at Starbucks 

Starbucks apologizes after police officers asked to leave shop because of customer complaint


Progressive Privilege/Censorship at WordPress  

WordPress Would Not Tell Me Why They Removed Refugee Resettlement Watch

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