Chet Nagle – Climate Change Lies

Chet Nagle – Climate Change Lies

Centuries may intervene before today’s era of convulsive lies and their manipulative, controlling effects on humanity are fully understood.

At or near the top of the list of these convulsive lies (and liars) is everything having to do with the climate change alarmism industry.

Chet Nagle, writing on Sam Faddis’ AND Magazine platform, does a good job in this post laying out important facts showing how this hoax–yes, the word is ‘hoax’–has been constructed.

Humanity seems determined to march itself into broad economic ruin and virtual slavery in pursuit of ‘fixing’ climate change.  There is no need for this societal suicide…as 1,600 climate scientists are now screaming into the void created by Big Tech and government censorship.  Does their scientific input matter?  Are they really head-in-the-sand deniers?   What exactly is the hard scientific evidence–not political/ideological opinion–that refutes what they are saying?

Time to wake up.  Truth is refreshing and inspiring and freeing.


Climate Change Lies