Christine Anderson – One German Who Gets It

Christine Anderson – One German Who Gets It

From Kanekoa the Great on Telegram:

Christine Anderson of the EU Parliament:

“I will do whatever I can to make it known to the world that your once free and liberal democracy has been transformed into a totalitarian regime which tramples on human rights, civil liberties, and the rule of law…

I am a German and we once asked our grandparents how they could have just stood by in silence allowing a horrific totalitarian regime to come about. Anyone could have known, all they had to do was open their eyes, and take a look. The vast majority chose not to.

So what will you tell your grandchildren? Will you tell them you did not know? Will you tell them you were just following orders?

You need to understand it is not about breaking the fourth wave. It is about breaking people…

We need to stop our governments from transforming our free and democratic societies into totalitarian regimes. We need to do it now. We need to stand up now.”