Christmas in America 2015; Sweden?; Trump/Hillary/Sexism

Christmas in America 2015; Sweden?; Trump/Hillary/Sexism

Listen to the second hour of our December 27th show, here.  Links to articles reviewed in preparation for the second hour, here.

Leading ladies Chris Davis and Cari Kelemen join Debbie for the second hour roundtable.


The ladies discuss Christmas in America, and particularly in New York City—where political correctness now runs amok, and famous store shopping windows forsake Christmas-themed messages for meaningless secular vapidity. But a town in Minnesota—Wadena—shows what it means to stand up to the ACLU and political correctness.


The demise of Sweden as a predominant Christian culture is now openly acknowledged—the leading ladies consider whether Sweden is a harbinger of America?


Debbie and her leading ladies also take up the latest in the presidential campaigns, including Donald Trump daring to take on Hillary for her bullying and intimidation and coverups relating to Bill’s abusive treatment of women.