Clandestine: More Funding for Ukraine?

Clandestine: More Funding for Ukraine?




Reasons I don’t want to send more money to Ukraine:

1- They are literally Nazis
2- Our money is being stolen/laundered
3- The war will end if we stop funding
4- The US/NATO started the conflict
5- The West lied about everything
6- US oligarchs are making bioweapons
7- Our border is not secure
8- We are $33 trillion in debt
9- All foreign aid is a scam
10- The US government and ruling class are evil and profiting from pandemics, human slavery, and war

The American People do not benefit in any way by sending all of our money to Ukraine. The only ones who benefit are defense contractors, big pharma, and corrupt oligarchs.

We only receive poverty, propaganda, illness, and death. If there is a hill to die on, it might as well be this one.